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Can Dogs Skydive?

Dogs are our furry friends who are loyal companions. They’ll follow you around no matter where you go, and they’ll do anything to support you. But would a dog follow you out of a plane? Can dogs skydive?

Yes, dogs can skydive. However, casual pets are not the dogs you want to skydive. If a dog is skydiving, there’s a reason behind it. Dogs that jump out of planes with their owners are trained and likely military dogs. So it’s not a good idea to go skydiving with your pet dog unless your dog was given proper training.

Can Dogs Skydive

Here’s a video in which a military dog is skydiving!

The rest of this article will cover what types of dogs skydive, how dogs skydive, if it’s safe for dogs to skydive, and other exciting activities you can do with your dog.

What Types Of Dogs Skydive?

Skydiving dogs are uncommon due to air pressure and the preparation required. When a dog is done training and cleared to go on missions, then the owner can strap the furry pal to their suit and skydive with them. Most times, when a dog has to skydive, there’s a purpose for it beyond just having fun.

Military canines can be trained for missions where they need to jump out of a plane. A highly tactical mission or a rescue mission where the dogs need to sniff out their owners or any other survivors can require them to skydive.

Plane travel is very quick, which makes it ideal for performing operations at high speeds. This is why military dogs may have to jump out of planes. Although they could drive to the operation spot, that would take much longer than a plane.

Older dogs will retire from skydiving adventures because it can cause a lot of pressure and stress. Thanks to this, the only dogs you’ll see skydiving are trained military canines or other dogs that have been properly prepared.

How Do Dogs Skydive?

Just like with humans, dogs need training and gear to keep them safe. The most important part is the protective armor they receive. To protect their eyes from the wind, safety goggles are strapped on their faces.

Along with this, dogs need to be secured to the owner so they can pull the parachute for the two of them. The military will give these dogs protection called the “kevlar vest”. These vests are attached to the owner for safe travels down the sky.

These vests are load-bearing and protect the dog well. Even then, there’s always room for more precaution. Training is extremely important since you can actually train dogs to use the parachute on their own.

If a dog is landing over water, oftentimes the military will let the dog jump solo after much training. The dogs can pull on the parachute handles and safely fall to the ground.

To skydive with a dog, your dog needs to be calm and not prone to panicking in those types of situations. Training and experience can help alleviate this, but in general, don’t jump with a dog that’s very jittery. You’ll also need a strong bond with your pet and custom-made, dog-friendly gear.

Is It Safe For Dogs To Skydive?

Skydiving always has high risk, but in general, yes it is safe for dogs to skydive. As long as the dog is calm and knows what to do, the risks are greatly reduced. Either way, you should only take a dog skydiving when both you and your dog are ready.

If even one party isn’t ready, you have a higher risk of malfunctions or even death. If you don’t think your dog can handle the stressful situation, then you should try skydiving on your own. Military dogs are the most likely to jump out of planes because they’re calm and trained.

Casual pet dogs would need more time and preparation than military dogs because they haven’t spent most of their life training. It’s possible, but not recommended. Most aviation centers discourage bringing your dog skydiving or even to the dropzone.

Exciting Activities To Do With Your Dog!

If skydiving scares you or your dog can’t join, no worries. There are plenty of other exciting activities you can do together that don’t involve jumping out of a plane. One activity you can try is exploring a national park with your dog.

Dogs love being outdoors, and if you like being outside too, then exploring nature is perfect for you. Not only will your dog run around like a maniac, but you’ll get to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. 

If you’re looking for something more intense, try getting into a dog sport. This is the best way to keep you both active while spending time together. You can do agility, run, bike, or even try surfing with your dog. Any sport you can think of doing together could be a good idea.

You can also take your pet to the beach. If your dog loves water, this is perfect for both of you. You can play frisbee on the sand and wash up in the water. Or, you can make a sandcastle only for your dog to step on it and destroy your masterpiece.

Lastly, you stay at home and play together. Buying and trying out a new toy is always exciting for both the owner and the dog. Then, you can also play a classic game of tug-of-war, fetch, or hide-and-seek.

Whatever you do, I’m sure you can find a good alternative to skydiving with your dog!


Trained dogs can skydive, but most casual pet dogs cannot. Military canines will jump out of a plane to help sniff out bombs, rescue targets, and or join a highly tactical mission. A pet dog isn’t trained for skydiving, so it is recommended that pets stay at home.

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Unless you can train your pet dog to skydive correctly, you shouldn’t put them through the stress. It can cause serious harm to their health and also yours. If your pet isn’t calm or ready for skydiving, then you’re risking both of your lives.

However, there are other fun activities you can try with your dog that don’t involve jumping out of a plane. You can do exciting activities like going out into the wild, trying a new sport, or playing together.

Let Those Skydiving Dogs Do Their Things!