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Pitbull Exercises & Workouts To Build Muscle!

If you want your Pitbull to build muscle, there are specific exercises you should consider. Not every type of physical activity will make your dog stronger and bigger. So let me help you understand what Pitbulls need to become more muscular!

How To Make Your Pitbull Muscular?

There are three essential elements for Pitbulls to build muscle. They need to have an appropriate diet, do strength training, and get enough rest. These components work together and are crucial for a Pitbull to become more muscular.

Muscular Pitbull

The process behind building muscle is quite simple. First, the fibers of the muscle have to be damaged. That’s where strength exercises come into play. Then, the body will repair the fibers, making them bigger and stronger. So proper nutrition and recovery are crucial too.

Whether it’s for you or your Pitbull, the concept of how to build muscle is the same. Eat well, work out hard, get some rest, and repeat. Since you control your dog’s regimen, it’s your responsibility to care for his fitness and health.

For today, let’s focus on the training part of the process. Feeding your Pitbull with quality food high in protein and low in carbs and planning recovery time is relatively simple. But finding the best exercises to build muscle in a dog is more complicated.

What Exercises Are Good For Pitbulls To Build Muscle?

High-intense physical activity that involves resistance and weight is often the best way for Pitbulls to build muscle. Strength training exercises will usually make the dog work out hard in a short period. If you want your Pitbull to be muscular, avoid long cardio workouts.

Don’t get me wrong, endurance running and walking are great ways to exercise a dog. But when it comes to building muscle, the goal is to make your Pitbull work out as hard as possible. That’s why more intense strength and anaerobic exercises are generally better.

15 Pitbull Strength Training Exercises!

Now that you know what your Pitbull needs to build muscle, it’s time to create a conditioning program for him. However, you might still have no idea what exercises dogs can do to get bigger and stronger. Thus, here are some ways to make your Pitbull muscular.

Weight Pulling.

As I already said, resistance training using weight is usually the best way to build muscle. Weight pulling is the perfect example of that type of strength exercise. It’s a dog sport where your Pitbull will have to pull a wheeled cart or sled loaded with weight over a short distance.

So it’s the perfect activity for an intense and quick workout. Weight pulling will allow your dog to become more muscular. Pitbulls are very popular for this canine sport because they are naturally large and powerful. But training for it will make them even bigger and stronger.

If you want to build muscle with this exercise, you need an appropriate harness, weights, and a cart to carry them. To avoid injuries and problems, you should start with a very light load, short distance, and few repetitions. Then, you can slowly improve from there.

Alternatives To Weight Pulling.

Apart from weight pulling, other more fun pulling exercises can help a dog build muscle. Your Pitbull could also haul you on a skateboard, scooter, sled, etc. A resistance parachute is another good way to build muscle and prepare for weight pulling.

Weight Vest Exercises.

Putting some weight on your Pitbull will make any physical activity more strenuous and physically demanding. Thus, a weighted vest or dog backpack might help to build muscle. Simple exercises like walking or playing fetch with extra weight can be an effective strength workout.

Just make sure not to put too much weight on your Pitbull for safety purposes. A dog should generally not carry more than 10% to 20% of what he weighs. You can start on the lower end and gradually increase as your Pitbull gets bigger and stronger.

So weighted vests can make practically any exercise appropriate for building muscle. Dog backpacks can also be convenient on hikes to let your dog carry his own gear. They are both excellent pieces of equipment you should consider to make a Pitbull more muscular.


Playing in the water and swimming are good exercises for dogs. It provides them with both an aerobic and strength workout. Swimming requires a lot of effort from the muscles and cardiovascular system. 

Therefore, it’s an excellent way to make your Pitbull muscular. Swimming is an intense and quick exercise to burn extra energy while building muscle. It’s also great fun to play with your dog in the water. So why not combine the pleasant and the useful.

Pitbull Swim

Running/Sprints Exercises.

I already said that endurance running isn’t the best way to build muscle. However, there are ways to make this physical activity a better strength workout. You can either increase the intensity or add some resistance.

For example, sprinting is an excellent anaerobic exercise that will help your Pitbull get bigger and stronger. Intense and short runs are better for increasing muscle mass than moderate and long ones. Just look at the difference between marathoners and sprinters.

Running in water or on the sand can also make it more strenuous for your dog. Besides that, adding resistance will also help to build muscle. Canicross or using a parachute are two ways to make your Pitbull work out harder when running.


Playing tug-of-war is another good exercise for dogs. It will stimulate them both mentally and physically. Pulling on the tug toy as hard as possible can help your Pitbull build muscle. So tug-of-war is a fun game, but it can also be an effective workout.

Spring Pole.

A spring pole will allow your dog to play tug-of-war alone. It consists of a spring that you can attach to a tree branch or any other solid and fixed base with a rope toy on the other end. Thus, the spring pole is an ideal exercise for your Pitbull to stay active and build muscle even when you’re not there.

Uphill or Stairs Exercises.

Climbing stairs or walking/running uphill can be an excellent strength workout. It will increase the weight on the dog’s rear legs and strengthen the core muscles. So doing uphill and stairs exercises is an accessible and effective way to make your Pitbull more muscular. 

Flirt Pole.

The flirt pole is very similar to a teaser cat toy but made bigger and stronger for dogs. It consists of a stick, rope, and lure. The goal is to move the flirt pole to make your Pitbull chase the lure. You can use it for exercise and training purposes.

Running around and trying to catch the lure will provide your dog with intense physical activity and mental stimulation. Constantly changing directions and sprinting while playing with this toy can also help to build muscle. Thus, it’s a great strength and anaerobic workout.

Jumping Exercises.

Another simple way to make your Pitbull muscular is by making him jump. Jumping is a good exercise, whether you do it over obstacles or on and off something. It requires an intense effort and a lot of power from your dog’s legs to jump. So it’s good to build muscle.

It can be as simple as jumping on a park bench. You can also use hurdles to make your Pitbull’s workout more strenuous and demanding on the cardio. However, be careful because jumping is a high-impact exercise. Thus, it can be hard on the joints.

Doggy Squats.

Squats are very popular for humans to build leg muscles. Fortunately, there’s a way to make your Pitbull benefit from this exercise. The basic doggy squat is when a dog sits, gets up, and then repeats.

To make it even more challenging and strenuous, you can make your dog stand on the two rear legs after he gets up from the sitting position. You could also put some resistance with a weighted vest or backpack.

Puppy Push-Ups.

Very similar to doggy squats, there’s a way for Pitbulls to do push-ups. The dog can sit, lay down, get back to a sitting position, and repeat. It will help your Pitbull build muscle in the front legs and core while doing some obedience training.

Walking Exercises. (On 2 Legs, Backward, Etc.)

Again, moderate and standard walking isn’t an excellent strength exercise for dogs. But you can do this physical activity in a certain way that will help to build muscle. For example, lifting your Pitbull’s front or rear legs and walking over a short distance can be challenging.

It will put more weight on specific muscles to make them work harder. Walking backward can also be a good strength exercise. It makes your dog focus on different muscles, like the hip extensor. So walking can make a Pitbull bigger and stronger if done in a certain way.

Wobble Boards & Balance Balls.

Standing on a wobble board or balance ball is a good exercise for dogs. Keeping their balance on an unsteady platform will require them to use their core muscles. Thus, it’s another effective piece of equipment to make your Pitbull muscular.

Herding Balls.

A herding ball is a large and heavy ball that your dog can play with. It was designed for herding breeds, but Pitbulls can also use it to exercise and build muscle. Running around, chasing, and playing with a giant ball can be a good strength and aerobic workout.

Dog Sports.

Another great way to make your Pitbull muscular is to get into a dog sport. I have already talked about a couple of them in this article, such as weight pulling and canicross. But there are many other canine sports you should consider to build muscle.

Dog agility, urban mushing, dock jumping, flyball, and many other activities can be good workouts for Pitbulls. You just have to find the right one for you and get started. Most sports will help your dog to get bigger and stronger.

Muscle Building Equipment For Pitbulls!

As you can see with the strength exercises mentioned above, many require specific equipment. Having the right gear to build muscle will help you make your Pitbull more muscular more quickly and easily. It can also make the workouts more effective and safer.

However, you can still make your dog larger and stronger without any equipment. It will just be more complicated and probably take more time. So you might consider investing in a weighted vest, pulling harness, and appropriate toys for strength training. (Tug Rope, Spring Pole, Balance Board, Flirt Pole, etc.)

Pitbull Workout Program Examples To Build Muscle!

Now that you have all the exercises you need to make your Pitbull muscular, it’s time to prepare a training plan. In general, most dogs of this breed should get around 1 to 2 hours of exercise per day. It includes between 30 and 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity.

Pitbull Build Muscle Sprint

So you can aim for around 30 minutes of strength workout per day with at least 1 or 2 days of rest per week. This program made by Bully Max is a good example. But here are some more using other exercises and different structures.

Weekly Muscle Building Program 1

  • Monday: Walking Exercises. (15-30 Minutes)
  • Tuesday: Flirt Pole. (20-40 Minutes)
  • Wednesday: Rest Day.
  • Thursday: Weight Pulling. (15-30 Minutes)
  • Friday: Sprints. (20-40 Minutes)
  • Saturday: Tug-Of-War. (15-30 minutes)
  • Sunday: Rest Day.

Weekly Muscle Building Program 2

  • Monday: Jumping Exercises. (15-30 Minutes)
  • Tuesday: Spring Pole. (20-40 Minutes)
  • Wednesday: Weight Pulling. (15-30 Minutes)
  • Thursday: Doggy Squats & Puppy Push-Ups. (20-40 Minutes)
  • Friday: Rest Day.
  • Saturday: Weighted Vest Exercises. (15-30 Minutes)
  • Sunday: Swimming.

Weekly Muscle Building Program 3

  • Monday: Rest Day.
  • Tuesday: Uphill & Stairs Exercises. (20-30 Minutes)
  • Wednesday: Dog Sport Of Your Choice. (30-60 Minutes)
  • Thursday: Tug-Of-War. (20-30 Minutes)
  • Friday: Rest Day.
  • Saturday: Weight Pulling. (20-30 Minutes)
  • Sunday: Herding Balls & Wobble Board Exercises. (30-60 Minutes)

Please note that a rest day doesn’t mean you shouldnt exercise with your Pitbull. You can still do moderate physical activity, but nothing too intense. Otherwise, your dog won’t be able to recover and build muscle.

With all the workouts and exercises mentioned up there, you should be able to create your own strength training program. Just make sure to consider your dog’s needs and conditions. Then, you will be able to make your Pitbull muscular safely and effectively.

Conditioning Tips For Pitbull Owners!

Although it might sound simple, there are many things you should know before building muscle in a dog. Strength training is a long process that requires knowledge, skills, and effort. Thus, here are some tips to help you get started!

Start Out Slow & Improve Gradually!

You have to introduce your Pitbull to a new exercise or workout routine the right way. In the beginning, you should make it as easy as possible. Don’t put on too much weight; start with a few repetitions, and keep strength training sessions short.

After some time and practice, you can gradually increase the workout’s length, difficulty, and intensity. So the exercises and program should change as your Pitbull gets bigger and stronger. Just make sure to respect your dog’s limits and don’t push him too hard.

Don’t Forget To Warm-Up & Cool Down Your Dog!

Before doing any intense strength exercise, it’s essential to prepare the body. Warming up your Pitbull at the start of a workout will help prevent injuries. It can be as simple as walking or playing fetch for around 5 minutes.

Cooling down and stretching after a training session is also a good practice. It helps ease the transition from intense physical activity to a state of rest. Dogs are animals of habits too, so it will make them understand when the workout starts and finishes.

Talk To Your Veterinarian!

Before changing anything in your Pitbull’s exercise routine and regimen, you should always consult your veterinarian. It’s the best way to have professional and personalized advice. He might even help you create the perfect conditioning program for your dog and your goals.

Keep Walking With Your Pitbull!

Even if you do strength training, walking your dog every day is still essential. Pitbulls need a lot of exercise. Moderate walks will allow them to burn off energy, take some fresh air, and stay happy. It won’t restrict your dog from becoming more muscular. Just don’t overdo it.

Last Thoughts About Pitbull Exercises To Build Muscle!

Finally, building muscle in a dog is quite simple. With the proper diet, a good training program, and enough rest, your Pitbull should get bigger and stronger. The best way to become muscular is to do strength training involving resistance and weights.

Strong Pitbull

It mainly includes weight pulling, weighted vest exercises, and tugging toys. But your Pitbull can also build muscle through intense and short workouts. So sprints, jumping exercises, and swimming are good for strength too. Now you just have to take action and get started.

Let’s Make That Pitbull Muscular!