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Best Canicross, Skijoring & Bikejoring Dog Harnesses!

Starting new dog sports with your buddy is an excellent idea. Canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring are great activities to exercise together. However, you will need some specific equipment to get started with urban mushing safely. The harness is one of the most important gear for your dog to pull you on trails. Investing in the right equipment will certainly help you to have more fun while working out together!

Best Joring Harness

Mushing sports are very interesting to keep you and your pooch fit, healthy and happy. Nonetheless, too many beginners start canicross, skijoring, or bikejoring without proper equipment. This mistake could cause serious pain or even injuries to your dog. That’s why you should always invest in quality gear to ensure he’s comfortable and safe while pulling you!

Not all harnesses are convenient for canicross, skijoring, or bikejoring. Pulling with an inappropriate harness or regular collar is dangerous for your dog. Good joring harnesses will allow him to take the lead with ease, comfort, and safety!

The perfect gear for your mushing companion will also vary depending on his size, breed, experience, and many other elements. Thus, he will need an adapted dog joring system for his needs to pull you while you’re running, biking, or skiing!

Choosing the right harness for dog joring is extremely important. Quality gear will always be more comfortable and secure for both the musher and his companion. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find the right equipment for dog sports that you don’t know a lot of things about. Don’t worry, I was in the same situation not a long time ago. That’s why I would like to share with you everything I’ve learned and found on canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring harnesses!

Best Overall Dog Joring Harnesses!

If you’re in a hurry, you probably don’t have time to learn how to find the right gear. However, that’s not a good reason to buy the first harness that you think will do the job for dog joring. Your companion’s well-being should always be your priority. On the other hand, I perfectly understand busy people that don’t have time to do advanced research about the best canicross, skijoring, or bikejoring harnesses. Thus, let me share with you my 3 favorite dog harnesses for joring sports right away to save you some time!

1. Omnijore System By RUFFWEAR.

This is the perfect kit to get started with dog joring. It’s an excellent kit for canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring. The Omnijore System made by Ruffwear is the all-in-one solution for dog joring. Whether you’re an advanced musher or you’re just getting started with one of these sports, this is probably the best harness to invest in!


  • Complete Joring Kit. (Harness + Towline + Hip Belt)
  • Adjustable Harness.
  • Reflective Trim.
  • High-Quality Gear.
  • Quick Release Feature.
  • Top Handle On The Harness.
  • Excellent Customer Service.


  • Relatively Expensive.
  • Not Ideal For Bikejoring.

2. Freemotion Harness By Non-Stop Dogwear.

Most customers are more than happy to have invested in this mushing equipment. The Non-Stop Dogwear Freemotion Harness provides your dog with the ideal pulling force for optimal results on trails. Besides performance features, its adjustability makes it comfortable and safe for most breeds. This high-quality harness also offers a full range of movement for your dog to let him run properly without restriction. That’s why this could be an excellent gear to enjoy any type of joring sport!


  • Designed For Performance.
  • Offers Optimal Freedom of Motion.
  • Fully Adjustable.
  • Very Good Customer Support.
  • Extremely Durable.
  • Innovative Harness.


  • Not Easy To Remove.
  • Difficult To Select The Right Size.

Sizing Guide:

311″ to 13″13.8″
413″ to 14 1/8″15 3/4″
514 1/8″ to 15 3/4″17 3/8″
615 3/4″ to 17 3/8″19″
717 3/8″ to 19″20 1/2″
819″ to 20 1/2″22″
920 1/2″ to 22″23 1/2″
Retrieved From Non-Stop DogWear Website.

3. Pulling Dog Harness By Kurgo.

Innovative, comfortable, and lightweight, this harness is perfect for adventurous dogs. This dog joring gear offers the support that your buddy needs for pulling. The Kurgo Pulling Harness also has a handle to have better control over him if needed. Another great feature is the reflective trim to ensure his safety in low-light conditions. Thus, it’s one of the best harnesses for mushing sports!


  • Innovative Harness.
  • High-Quality Gear.
  • Adjustable.
  • Top Handle.
  • Reflective Trim.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortably Padded.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


  • Not Perfectly Designed For Pulling Sports.
  • Can Constrict Your Dog’s Motion.

These 3 options could be awesome for both beginners and advanced joring athletes. They are all offering the support, comfortability, and safety your dog needs to pull you on trails. Nonetheless, I still recommend you to continue your reading to have more information about the best harnesses for canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring. Even if these sports are extremely similar, the perfect gear for each one isn’t always the same!

Why Are Harnesses Important For Canicross, Skijoring & Bikejoring?

For mushing sports, having the right pulling harness is one of the most essential things. Your dog will have to pull you for long periods, so he must be comfortable while doing it. For advanced athletes, it might be obvious that this type of gear is crucial. Nonetheless, some beginners might wonder why harnesses are so important for dog joring?

You might be tempted to start canicross, bikejoring, or skijoring with a normal leash and collar. However, these basic canine accessories aren’t made for dog joring. The collar doesn’t give any support to your buddy for pulling you while he runs. Attached to his neck, this walking gear also restricts him to breathe properly. Thus, you must invest in a quality harness if you want to enjoy urban mushing sports!

What Is Dog Joring?

Joring is the Norwegian word that means “pulling” or “driving.” Thus, dog joring sports is the practice of getting towed by your companion while working out. Every activity that involves him to pull you could be included in this category.

Whether it’s canicross, bikejoring, or skijoring, these sports are all powered by your dog. Skateboarding, rollerblading, and dog scootering could also be considered joring disciplines. It’s extremely similar to traditional mushing, but joring is usually practiced by one person that is pulled by one dog.

Types Of Dog Harnesses For Joring Sports!

Now that you understand better this type of activity, let’s talk about the different types of gear. There is a wide variety of harnesses on the market. However, some of these options won’t be great for dog joring. For example, no-pull harnesses are designed to avoid pulling, so it won’t be ideal for mushing sports. On the other hand, the best harnesses for canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring will provide excellent support, comfort, and they are designed to help your dog pull while running!

Best X-Back Joring Harness

X-Back Pulling Harnesses.

Usually used for dog sledding, this type of harness can be interesting for pulling sports. X-back harnesses have crossed straps in your partner’s back. This feature will help him to get more force while pulling you on trails. The only concern about this type of gear is that you can’t adjust it. Therefore, you must make sure to choose the right size for your dog. The harness should be tight enough to provide him good pulling support, but not too much to avoid any movement or respiratory restriction!

H-Back Joring Harnesses.

This more modern type of harness is generally well-suited for beginners. The first interesting feature of H-back harnesses is their adjustability. Thus, it means you don’t need to know exactly the ideal gear size for your buddy. Moreover, the H-shaped straps should give him more freedom for breathing and moving properly while running. It will also help him to pull in the right direction because of the design of the straps. That’s why these joring harnesses are ideal for dogs with no experience in mushing sports!

Half-Back Harnesses.

Some harnesses are less efficient for pulling than others. This type of gear will allow your dog to enjoy mushing sports, but it’s not ideal to provide him with the optimal force to pull. Halfback harnesses have one strap around the chest and another around his back that are both connected. It might be useful for small dogs or sports that don’t require serious pulling force. However, other harnesses are generally better for canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring!

Wheel Dog Harnesses For Pulling Sports.

This last type of joring harness is an excellent option for both experts and beginners. Designed to relieve pressure on your dog’s hips and back especially if he’s tall, it’s great for pulling sports. Similar to X-back and H-back harnesses, this type of equipment will provide the same support to pull with more motion. Thus, wheel dog harnesses can be perfect for most mushing sports!

Other Types Of Harnesses.

There are many types of alternatives to collars for different purposes. When it comes to pulling sports, all the options mentioned above could do the job. Nonetheless, some harnesses will be better for you depending on the sport you practice and your dog’s conditions. In general, the best harness will provide support for pulling, motion for running, and optimal comfort. Therefore, choosing the right one is probably not as complicated as you might think!

Some information about the different types of harnesses was retrieved from an article on Think Vail. [Link Open In a New Tab]

What Are The Best Harnesses For Canicross, Skijoring & Bikejoring?

Dog joring sports are quite similar, but they are all different at the same time. For example, cross-country running with your dog won’t require the same gear as biking in mountains or skiing with him. The transmission and distribution of force for pulling required for each sport is unique. That’s why the best harness for canicross isn’t necessarily the same one for skijoring and bikejoring. Let me share with you what harnesses you should invest in depending on the joring sport you want to enjoy!

Best Canicross Harnesses For Dogs!

Canicross can be simply defined as cross country running with your dog. This sport is an interesting introduction to the world of mushing. Like any other activity, preparation is the key to success. Thus, you must invest in quality canicross gear to get started more easily and safely!

Best Canicross Dog Breeds

For this activity, the right harness will allow your running partner to pull you more easily without restricting any movement. Here are two of the best harnesses for canicross you should seriously consider investing in!

Best Overall Harness Kit For Canicross: Omnijore System By Ruffwear.

This complete dog joring system is still at the top of the podium for canicross. Ruffwear made this gear kit especially for people just like you that want to start urban mushing. This starter kit for cross country running with dogs is not cheap, but it’s totally worth the price. You should also keep in mind that it includes an excellent harness, a hip belt for you, and the towline. Thus, it’s not overpriced for the high standard geat that’s offered!


  • Complete Joring Kit.
  • Adjustable Harness.
  • Reflective Trim.
  • High-Quality Gear.
  • Quick Release Feature.
  • Lift Handle On The Harness.
  • Excellent Customer Service.


  • Relatively Expensive.

Best Performant Canicross Harness: Freemotion Harness By Non-Stop Dogwear.

If you’re looking for an excellent joring harness, the Freemotion Canicross Harness might be ideal for you. Less expensive than the Omnijore Dog Joring Kit, this option will only include the harness. This awesome gear was designed by Non-Stop Dogwear for pulling sports such as canicross. The most interesting feature of this product is the freedom that your companion will have while running. This harness is ideal for canicross because of its performance, comfort, and cost-effectiveness!


  • Designed For Performance.
  • Offers Optimal Freedom of Motion.
  • Fully Adjustable.
  • Very Good Customer Support.
  • Extremely Durable.
  • Innovative Harness.


  • Not Easy To Remove.
  • Difficult To Select The Right Size.

Best Budget-Friendly Canicross Harness: Dog Pulling Harness By Neewa.

You might not have the budget to invest in top quality harnesses. That’s OK because some simple and cheap options can still be good for canicross. This affordable X-back harness made by Neewa is an excellent choice for joring sports!

The only problem with this piece of equipment is that you can’t adjust it. Thus, you might want to invest in one of the other options for more features. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the best canicross harnesses, especially for what it cost!


  • Affordable & Simple Harness.
  • Comfortably Padded.
  • Made From Durable Material.
  • Reflective Inserts.
  • Many Sizes Available.


  • Not Adjustable.
  • Designed For Wolf-Like Dog Breeds.

Other Essential Gear For Canicross!

Choosing the right harness isn’t the only step for gearing up properly. There are many other pieces of equipment that you must have to enjoy cross country running with your dog. For example, a normal leash won’t be ideal for joring sports. Thus, investing in complementary gear to your dog’s harness is crucial!

Best Canicross Harness

People that will opt for the Omnijore System won’t need to invest in anything else to get started. This starter kit already includes the other essential canicross equipment. If you choose another harness, you must invest in a bungee leash (towline) and canicross belt. Here are the best products on the market for the other necessary gear to run with your dog on trails!

Canicross Towline: Bungee Leash By Neewa.

The towline will connect your dog’s harness to your running belt. Investing in this bungee leash will encourage him to pull and absorb impacts on trails. This gear will also prevent yank shocks on both of your backs to make this activity more fun. The Neewa Tug Line Bungee is a solid towline made for sports such as canicross, but it can also be excellent for any type of adventure!

Running Belt: Canicross Belt By Neewa.

Keeping the leash in your hands for canicross isn’t an option. It would be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous for your back. Thus, investing in a quality running belt is essential to run on trails with your dog. This gear will put the pulling force on your pelvis to keep your hands free. My favorite option is the Neewa Canicross Belt because it’s adjustable, convenient, lightweight, and breathable. Every athlete should have this type of running belt to be more comfortable while running and avoid injuries!

Affordable Option: Hand-Free Dog Leash & Belt By TaoTronics.

Here’s an alternative to canicross belts and towlines for running with your dog. This isn’t the ideal option for comfort and safety, but it’s more affordable than other complementary joring equipment. The TaoTronics Bungee Running Leash could be used for canicross even if it’s not designed for it. Nonetheless, this hands-free leash won’t be as comfortable, durable, and performant as any equipment that’s made for dog joring. That’s why I highly recommend you to invest in a quality canicross belt and towline!

Running Gear For Canicross!

Apart from the harness, belt, and line, you might consider investing in good running shoes. You should have high-quality, comfortable, and lightweight footwear to ensure you have an excellent grip on trails. For example, Salomon Speedcross could be an excellent option for canicross. Another important thing to not neglect is your sportswear to be more comfortable while running in the great outdoors!

Best Skijoring Dog Harness!

Cross country skiing with your dog is quite similar to canicross. Thus, the best harnesses mentioned above can also be great for skijoring. On the other hand, there’s still gear out there that might be more appropriate for this winter sport!

Best Skijoring Harness

Even if the Omnijore Dog Joring Kit is still the best option for pulling sports, here are some other awesome harnesses for skijoring!

Best X-Back Harness For Skijoring: Pulling Dog Harness By Northern Howl.

This is an excellent option to provide the support your dog needs for pulling. Made for mushing sports, X-back harnesses can be extremely interesting to start skijoring. Moreover, this Northern Howl Dog Harness comes with a long bungee leash. Overall, this gear will allow your buddy to have great power transfer for optimal pulling performance. The only concern about this product is that it’s not adjustable. If it’s an issue for you, you might want to opt for the Ominijore System or Freemotion Harness!


  • Come With The Hands-Free Leash/Towline.
  • Offers Optimal Power Transfer For Pulling.
  • Don’t Restrict Your Dog’s Motion.
  • Extremely Durable.
  • Reflectors On The Side Of The Harness.
  • Comfortably Padded.
  • Many Sizes Available.


  • Expensive.
  • Not Adjustable.

Cost-Effective Skijoring Harness: Multi-Purpose Joring Harness By Kurgo.

This image has an empty alt attribute

This innovative pulling harness is another very good option that’s not too expensive for skijoring. Made from high-quality materials, it will help your buddy to be more comfortable while running. This versatile joring harness also has adjustable straps for a custom fit!

Designed for active dogs, this type of gear is well-suited for most mushing sports. Nonetheless, some reviews on Amazon claim that it’s not the best harness for this type of activity when most other customers are satisfied with their investment. Thus, it’s another option to check out if you still haven’t find the perfect one for your needs!


  • Innovative Harness.
  • High-Quality Gear.
  • Adjustable.
  • Top Handle.
  • Reflective Trim.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortably Padded.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


  • Not Perfectly Designed For Pulling Sports.
  • Can Constrict Your Dog’s Motion.

Other Skijoring Gear To Get Started!

The complementary equipment needed for skijoring is extremely similar to canicross. You will also need a mushing hip belt and bungee tether to enjoy this sport.

Skijoring Gear In Action

For your skijoring belt, the one made by Neewa is still an accurate choice but not the best one for this winter activity. For your towline, you might have to opt for a longer one because of your skis. Besides joring gear, you might also have to invest in warm sports clothing to withstand cold weather!

Best Hip Belt For Skijoring: CaniSki Belt By Howling Dog Alaska.

This product designed for skijoring is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and convenient. Ideal for both beginners and professionals, this gear will provide you with the support you need to get pulled safely while skiing. The special construction should eliminate unnecessary pressure on your spine to avoid back pain or problems. With the nice pocket and the removable leg straps, the CaniSki Belt is a safe pick for skijoring!

Here’s Another Similar Belt From Non-Stop Dogwear!

Best Skijoring Tug Line: Shock-Absorbing Dog Line By Dogs My Love

Investing in the right towline for skijoring could prevent many potential issues. The first interesting feature of this line is the bungee part that will absorb shocks. This will make pulling easier for your buddy and avoid yank movements on trails. The length of this bungee leash is also perfect for skijoring. It’s quite long so you won’t be too close to your dog but still short enough to prevent leash tangle. That’s why I recommend you to invest in this key equipment for joring sports!

Skijoring Dog Jacket: Quinzee Insulated Jacket By Ruffwear.

Protecting your dog against the cold is your responsibility. Even if he’s running he could need an accessory to keep him warm during the winter. Thus, you might have to invest in a dog joring jacket like the one designed by Ruffwear. This optional gear will be very useful for short-coated dogs to make skijoring more enjoyable for them when it’s cold outside!

Skiing Gear For This Mushing Sport!

To get pulled on the snow by your dog, you need to invest in cross country skis. There are many good products available online for beginners. Having the best skis, poles, and boots out there isn’t necessary to enjoy skijoring as long as they help you skate safely on the snow. Then, you should also not forget to wear your winter clothes to stay warm while working out with your dog!

Best Bikejoring Dog Harness!

Mountain biking with your dog is an intense sport that can be quite dangerous. Hopefully, investing in quality gear will decrease the risks of injury while bikejoring. Similar to canicross and skijoring, this mushing activity also requires a quality harness to enjoy it safely!

The only difference with the previous joring sports is that your dog will be connected directly to your bike instead of you. So the best harness for bikejoring won’t be the Omnijore Joring Kit this time!

Best Bikejoring Starter Kit: Non-Stop Dogwear Harness + Bungee Line + Bike Antenna.

I’ve found this perfect bikejoring kit to get started. It includes the Freemotion Harness, Bike Antenna, and Towline all made by Non-Stop Dogwear. This might seem quite expensive, but the quality of all this equipment is worth the investment. Whether you’re just beginning at this sport or you’re looking for the best bikejoring gear, this starter kit won’t deceive you!

Bikejoring Gear

Furthermore, the harness in this pack will provide an optimal distribution of the pulling force, motion to your dog for running without any restriction and it’s adjustable. Thus, I would highly recommend this offer to anybody that wants to enjoy bikejoring with his dog!


  • Complete Bikejoring Kit. (Harness + Tug-Line + Bike Antenna)
  • High-Quality Freemotion Non-Stop Dogwear Harness.
  • Save $30 For The Same Equipment Buy Seperatly.
  • Durable & Comfortable Gear.
  • Easy To Install.
  • Awesome Shock Absorbing Leash.


  • Expensive.
  • Difficult To Pick The Right Size For The Harness.

Best Harness For Bikejoring: Distance Harness By Howling Dog Alaska.

This simple multi-use harness is extremely well-suited for bikejoring. It’s even used and recommended by professional mushers such as Allen Moore, the winner of 2013, 2014, and 2018 Yukon Quest. Fully padded, this harness is designed to provide comfort and support over long distances!

Ideal for most pulling sports, this quality harness is made from durable webbing and has an adjustable body strap. That’s why this less expensive product could also be great for bikejoring. On the other hand, you will still have to buy complementary pieces of equipment if you don’t opt for the bikejoring starter kit!


  • Used & Recommended By Professionals.
  • Perfect For All Joring Sports.
  • Simple Harness.
  • Fully Padded.
  • Adjustable Body Strap.
  • Made From Durable Material.
  • Come In Many Sizes & Colors.
  • Designed For Long-Distance Mushing.
  • Perfect For Dogs With Back Problems.


  • Not Ideal For Heavy Pulling.
  • Possibility To Restrict Your Dog’s Neck.

Here’s Another Good Harness For Bikejoring: Adjustable Racing Harness By Neewa.

Other Important Equipment For Bikejoring!

With the bikejoring starter kit, you won’t need to invest in complementary gear because it’s already included. For others that only have the dog harness, you will still have to buy the bike antenna and towline. A normal leash isn’t suitable for pulling your mountain bike. Thus, let me help you find some high-quality gear that has been made for bikejoring to enjoy this sport safely!

Dog Bike Safe In Snow

Best Bikejoring Towline: Neewa Tug-Line.

I’ve already mentioned this joring line in the complementary gear for canicross. This is almost the only towline made especially for mushing sports on the market. I usually don’t recommend any other standard bungee leash because they are not designed to help your dog pull your bike. The only difference for bikejoring is that you should choose the 2m (6.5ft) length instead of the 1.5m (5ft). Besides this towline, the Non-Stop Dogwear leash included in the starter kit is also a very good option to bike in mountains with your dog!

Best Bike Antenna For Bikejoring: Non-Stop Dogwear Bike Antenna.

This accessory will prevent the bungee leash that’s attached to your bike from getting tangled in your wheels. It’s an essential piece of equipment that you must have to enjoy mountain biking with your dog. This solid metal extension will guide your towline over the front wheel of the bike. The Non-Stop Dogwear Bike Antenna is already included in the bikejoring starter kit. There are other bike leashes out there, but the antenna that I recommend is almost the only product that’s made for pulling sports! You can find some other bikejoring antennas on the Woofshack website! [Link Open In a New Tab]

Biking Gear For This Joring Sport!

Apart from mushing equipment, you might need some basic biking gear. Obviously, you won’t be able to enjoy bikejoring without a mountain bike. For your safety, you will also need to wear a protective helmet. Then, you should also wear sports clothes to be more comfortable while biking with your dog!

How To Choose The Right Harness For Mushing Sports?

Many factors will determine which harness is the best for your dog. His size, conditions, and your budget are some of the things that you should consider. Besides your personal needs, there are also some general guidelines to select the right gear for your joring sport!

Best Joring Harness For Snow

Opt For Joring Equipment!

First of all, you should choose a dog harness that’s made for canicross, skijoring, or bikejoring. Some good running harnesses might seem interesting for joring, but they aren’t designed for this purpose. Thus, this similar type of equipment won’t provide optimal transmission of force or it simply won’t be solid enough for constant pulling!

Pick The Right Size Of Harness!

In general, there are different sizes for each product recommended in this article. Guessing if your dog needs the XS, S, M, L or XL isn’t the best idea to ensure his new harness fits well on him. The company will normally provide a sizing guide to help you select the right size for the product you want to buy. I highly suggest you to follow the recommendations and chart made by the company (or Amazon) to avoid any sizing problem!

Read The Reviews!

Another tip to invest in the right gear is to always look at the reviews. This could help you to find out more information about how to select the right size, customer support, quality of the harness, etc. However, don’t pay attention to all reviews. Unfortunately, some people could use the harness the wrong way or simply have received a defective product. Overall, reading the reviews on Amazon (or any other website) will certainly help you to make your final decision!

Don’t Trust Me At 100%!

I’ve selected most of the best gear for canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring to share them with you. Nonetheless, every dog has different needs and conditions. That’s why not all the equipment I’ve found will be well-suited for your four-legged buddy. The products recommended in this blog post are excellent options, but you might have to do some extra research to ensure it’s perfect for him!

Interesting Features For The Best Canicross, Skijoring & Bikejoring Harnesses!

Small Dog With Joring Harness

Now, let me explain to you what makes a good dog joring harness. For any type of activity, you should be looking for gear with specific characteristics or features. Without proper equipment, your companion won’t be able to perform as well as he can on trails. Thus, here are some elements you should be looking for in a canicross, skijoring, or bikejoring harness!


Before anything else, your dog should be comfortable in the harness. I usually recommend products with padding because it will reduce friction. Furthermore, he shouldn’t have any restrictions to breathe or move properly while running. Choosing a joring harness that provides comfort to your companion will help him to enjoy pulling sports!


The harness design could influence how secure it is. This piece of equipment is an excellent way to keep control of your dog’s safety. However, this gear becomes useless if it can injure him or he’s able to slip out of it. Thus, you need to ensure the harness won’t hurt your buddy or allow him to escape in the wild. For example, some harnesses that are attached to his hip might cause him pain if he has back problems!


Another important factor for athletes is the transmission of force that the harness provides to your dog. Some harnesses could effectively improve his performance on trails. As long as you choose any gear that’s made for canicross, skijoring, or bikejoring, you shouldn’t have any problem with this element. All the equipment previously recommended will allow you both to perform as well as you can!

Freedom of Movement.

With the right harness, your joring partner should be able to run without any restriction of movement. Otherwise, it will affect his performance and reduce the level of comfort. Some harnesses could constrict shoulder movement that will negatively affect your dog’s running capacity. That’s why it’s essential to choose a harness that offers freedom of movement for mushing sports!

Adjustability & Sizing.

Even the best harness out there won’t be useful if it’s too small or too large. That’s why products with adjustable straps are extremely interesting especially for beginners. This feature will give you the possibility to tight or loosen the harness to make it fit perfectly on your dog. Whether you can adjust it or not, you should also look at the sizing options. Just make sure to take all the precautions you can to select an appropriate harness for his physical conditions!


The last main element to consider is the durability of the gear if you want your dog’s harness to last for many years. In general, joring equipment is already built more sturdy than most other dog gear to withstand constant tension. Thus, you should only make sure the harness is made from durable materials such as strong metal for attachments, solid buckles and straps, etc. Choosing a high-quality harness will give you greater peace of mind while you enjoy your favorite mushing sport!

Bonus Great Fearture For Late Night Mushers!

Another interesting feature for people that enjoy working out late is the reflective strips. It will simply make your dog more visible in the dark for both of your safety. If you plan to enjoy any joring sport in low-light conditions, having gear with reflective trim is quite essential. You might already have some on the harness, add reflectors on it yourself, or even invest in a lighted dog collar!

Finding The Best Harness For Canicross, Skijoring or Bikejoring Isn’t Always Easy!

With all the information I just shared with you, it might seem complicated to select the ideal harness for your dog. Hopefully, I’ve already done all the research for you to find the best joring harnesses. This buyer’s guide certainly helps you understand how to choose mushing gear. Now, you can either trust me by investing in the equipment I recommend you or spend time doing your own research!

Best Small Canicross Harness

Is There Any Other Equipment You Need For Dog Joring?

For each sport, I’ve mentioned the essential gear you need to get started. However, other optional pieces of equipment might be useful for you and your buddy. Mushing sports have some risks for dogs such as dehydration or paws injuries. Hopefully, most of the time you will have products that make this type of activity less dangerous and more fun. Here are some joring accessories that could help you to enjoy canicross, skijoring, or bikejoring together as safely as possible!

Doggie Boots or Wax Paw Protection.

Have you ever tried running barefoot in the wild? If not, I can tell you that you won’t be able to go as fast as you want to. Dogs may have paw pads to protect their feet, but they are still sensitive to rough surfaces at the start!

To prevent his paws from cracking or getting hurt, canine boots and the Musher’s Secret Cream are two excellent solutions. For the dog joring booties, I would recommend Ruffwear Grip Boots that will provide your dog with more traction and comfort while running!

Portable Dog Water Bowl or Bottle.

Hydrating your dog before, during, and after an intense physical effort is extremely important. Canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring are difficult sports that will require some water breaks. That’s why I highly recommend you carry some fresh drinking water for any type of joring activity. The Vapur Flexible Water Bottle could help you to keep you hydrated on mushing trails. To share some water with your buddy, this affordable Outward Portable Dog Bowl could also be very useful!

Running Backpack or Belt. 

For long-distance mushing, you might need something to carry your snacks, water, and accessories. That’s where joring backpacks or belts could become interesting. The canicross and skijoring belt mentioned in this article already have some small pockets for keys or pop bags. Nonetheless, you will be able to take more stuff on trails with the Nike Running Backpack or this Ruffwear Trail Running Belt.

Bone Conduction Headphones.

Listening to your favorite music or podcast while working out is extremely motivating and pleasant. However, this could distract you from your environment or make you forget to pay attention to your dog. Thus, Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones are ideal to exercise together safely. This product will allow you to hear your joring partner to prevent unnecessary injury. Bluetooth, lightweight, flexible, and durable it’s the perfect headphones for active dog owners!

You’re Almost Ready To Enjoy Dog Joring!

At this point, you should have all the equipment you need to get started with urban mushing. With your joring harness, towline, belt, and other accessories, you are ready to head out on trails. Keep in mind that there are several optional gears that you don’t necessarily need to enjoy canicross, skijoring, or bikejoring. On the other hand, people that are well equipped will have more fun, prevent injuries, and avoid multiple other problems!

Tips For Beginners To Canicross, Skijoring & Bikejoring!

Before starting any new sport, there are many things to know. Choosing the right harness is only one part of the preparation to enjoy urban mushing. For example, you must is your dog properly to guide him with joring commands on trails!

Whatever experience you have with this type of activity, it’s always important to make sure it’s safe for everyone. Thus, here are some simple tips to get started with your favorite pulling sport safely!

Master Basic Obedience Training!

For most dog sports, your companion should already be obedient. Teaching him basic obedience commands is usually an excellent idea to prevent potential problems on trails. Another important thing to master together is good walking manners. If you can’t keep control over your dog on daily walks, mushing sports could be quite dangerous. That’s why improving his behavior before starting canicross, bikejoring or skijoring is essential!

Prepare Your Dog Physically!

Dog joring is an intense activity for both canines and their handlers. Without any physical conditioning, you will increase the risks of getting hurt while doing this type of sport. Whether it’s bikejoring, skijoring, or canicross, you must prepare your companion to be ready for this kind of physical effort. Fortunately, regular exercise such as daily walks, jogging, or free playtime, is generally enough to keep him in good shape!

Gear Up Properly!

With this article, you have all the information you need to select the best joring equipment. Nonetheless, there’s still another step related to gear you should be aware of. Before going on trails, you will need to accustom your dog to his new joring kit with positive reinforcement. Thus, you should make him wear his harness, boots, and other mushing accessories before getting started. This will prevent him from feeling uncomfortable when it will be time to perform on trails!

Teach Him Joring Commands!

You almost have everything you need to enjoy canicross, skijoring, or bikejoring. Now, it’s time to train your dog more specifically for mushing sports. There are several joring commands that could take you several months or even years to teach him. Hopefully, you only need to master a few voice cues such as “Go”, “Whoa” or ”Stop”, “Gee” or “Right”, “Haw” or “Left”, and “Forward” to get started!

Pro Tip: Don’t teach these commands while running, biking, or skiing. The best way to practice new commands is during your daily walks!

Start Slow & Short!

Now, you’re finally ready to have fun on trails with your buddy. However, you still need to be careful to not hurt or injure him. At the start, it’s highly recommended to keep your dog joring session under 15 minutes. This will allow you both to build up some stamina and eventually spend more time working out together!

Consider All Conditions Before Joring With Your Dog!

Too young, old, or fragile dogs could be restricted to enjoy mushing sports safely. Nonetheless, your companion’s conditions aren’t the only thing to consider before exercising outdoors. For example, the temperature is another thing to look at if you want to go on trails with your buddy. Running in extreme heat or cold could be very dangerous for both of you. Thus, please be aware of his physical capacity, the wheater, and other circumstances to ensure canicross, skijoring or bikejoring is safe for everyone!

Last Thoughts About The Best Canicross, Skijoring & Bikejoring Harnesses!

Choosing the right equipment for dog joring sports is crucial. Whether it’s the harness, towline, or waist belt, they all have indispensable functions for mushing. Furthermore, you should also invest in the best quality gear possible to make your new favorite activity even more convenient, safe, and fun. That’s why I highly recommend you to select one of the best harnesses for canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring that I’ve shared with you today!

Dog Walking Harness

From the Omnijore Joring System to the Freemotion Non-Stop Dogwear Harness, you have many good options out there. I’ve spent many hours researching for the best gear to have for urban mushing to save you time, energy, and money. Therefore, I hope this article helped you to find the perfect harness for your next favorite activity. Now, it’s time to start enjoying canicross, skijoring, or bikejoring with your dog. I would love to see you having fun on trails with your brand new joring gear!

Have Fun On Trails & Take Care!