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Best Skateboards For Dogs & Bulldogs!

Have you ever seen some videos of Bulldogs riding like pros in skateparks? It’s impressive and seems unreal, but I’m sure your buddy could also have a lot of fun if you introduce him to this awesome sport.

To help him get started, the first thing you must do is invest in an appropriate skateboard. Then, he should be able to cruise around your neighborhood with some training and practice!

The perfect board for your dog will vary according to his breed, size, weight, and other factors. In general, the best type of skateboard for his needs would be a cruiser with soft wheels.

However, it should be OK as long as you find him something that’s stable, large enough for dogs, and smooth to ride. My ultimate recommendation for beginners would be the Kryptonics Stubby Board!

English Bulldog Have Fun Skateboard

Skateboarding isn’t an easy sport to learn for most people, so imagine how difficult it will be for your four-legged companion. Nonetheless, practically anybody can teach his dog how to skateboard with the proper equipment and serious commitment.

Even if you’re an accomplished rider, choosing the right board for your buddy is totally different than if it was for you. After your reading, you will know everything you need to find the ideal option for him to get started with skateboarding!

What Dog Breeds Can Skateboard?

Most of the time, boardsports are directly related to English Bulldogs. However, other dog breeds are well-suited for skateboarding. Here are some of them!

  • French Bulldogs.
  • Pit Bulls.
  • Dachshunds.
  • Welsh Corgis.
  • Jack Russell Terriers.
  • Boston Terriers.
  • Beagles.
  • Australian Cattle Dogs.
  • Etc.

The best furry riders are generally small because it’s easier for them to keep their balance. Their low center of gravity makes them ideal to be stable on the board.

On the other hand, large and active breeds might be more interesting for skatejoring! (Dog Pulling Skateboard)

What To Look For In Dog Skateboards?

Once you’re stoked about the idea of teaching your buddy how to ride by himself, it’s time to select an appropriate board for him. Dogs have specific needs that will help you determine what type of skateboard you should choose.

The longboard cruiser is probably the best option for most of them because it’s extremely stable, wide enough for larger breeds, and easy to ride!

Soft Wheels.

The soft wheels on this kind of board are much more interesting for smooth rides and good traction. A standard skateboard generally has hard wheels to do tricks more easily on the pavement, which isn’t necessary for dogs.

Grip Tape Isn’t Always Essential.

Your four-legged friend should have a good footing on his board to ride safely. However, his paws might already provide the traction he needs to stay stable.

In other words, the grip tape isn’t something you should focus on to select the right skateboard for his needs. Furthermore, you might even choose an option with no additional traction if your companion has sensitive paws!

Proper Size.

For the length and width, the board should allow him to stand normally. Thus, the size of your dog is important to consider for choosing the right fit for him.

For small breeds (Pugs, Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs…), the standard width of 7.5” should be fine. For large dogs (English Bulldogs, Pit Bulls, Australian Cattle Dogs…), a wider board around 8.5” or more would be much better!


With his small paws, he won’t be able to push as hard as you do. If you select a skateboard that’s too heavy or difficult to cruise easily, it’s probably not the best option for your buddy. That’s why the weight could be something to check to ensure it’s suitable for him.


The most important aspect for your companion is to find something that’s easy and comfortable to ride on. To make skateboarding as simple as possible for him, I highly recommend you opt for a cruiser.

My Top 5 Favorite Skateboards For Dogs!

With what you need to consider in mind, it’s time to look at some of the best options available out there. Since our dogs are all unique, they won’t need the same board.

That’s why I’ve selected several skateboards for different types of situations. I hope you will find the perfect one for your companion’s requirements and conditions!

Best Overall Skateboard For Dogs To Learn → Kryptonics Stubby Board

Price: $
Quality: ****
Stability: *****
Easy To Ride: *****
Overall Rating: 4.8/5

If you’re looking for an affordable board to teach your dog how to ride it, this is the perfect option for you. The mini fat cruiser design has the ideal size and stability for him to learn the skateboarding basics.

Most customers are more than happy with the Kryptonics Stubby. To give you an idea, two out of two reviews mentioning the word “dog” gave five stars to this product!

The only downside of this skateboard is the quality of the components. The deck is sturdy, the wheels are great for smooth rides, but the rest isn’t as performant.

For the trucks and bearings, there’s a lot of room for improvement. However, it’s still an excellent choice to teach your dog how to skateboard!


  • Very Affordable Option For Good Overall Performance.
  • Solid & Durable Platform.
  • Extremely Stable.
  • Great Size Of Board For Most Dogs.
  • Ideal Design For Beginners.
  • Lightweight & Easily Portable.


  • Relatively Small For Large Breeds.
  • Not The Best Quality Components.


Type Of Board: Large & Mini Cruiser.
Materials: Maple Wood Deck & Aluminum Trucks.
Wheels: 60mm X 45mm With ABEC-3 Bearings.
Length: 19” Width: 8”

Pro Tips For This Skateboard: The bearings and trucks are not very good. To help your dog perform as well as possible on this board, I highly recommend you to replace those components! (Check Out The Bones Reds Bearings Pack & The Independent Trucks)

Best Cruiser For Bulldogs & Large Breeds → Landyachtz Tugboat Skateboard

Price: $$$$
Quality: *****
Stability: *****
Easy To Ride: *****
Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Well known as one of the best boards for cruising and learning, it’s also perfect for dogs. The 9” wide and 30” long platform should allow pretty much any breed to stand comfortably and naturally.

For the wheels, they are soft enough to ensure smooth rides even on rough terrain. With performant components, the Landyachtz Tugboat is one of the best high-quality cruisers on the market.

Another great aspect of this board is that it’s ultralightweight to make pushing easier for your dog. Whether he’s already good at skateboarding or just getting started, you should seriously consider this option.

Its unique design with the large deck and kicktail offers an ideal balance between stability and control. Thus, it’s an excellent board that’s wide enough for Bulldogs and other large breeds!


  • Optimal Dimensions, Wheels & Design For Stability.
  • Perfect Size Of Board For Any Breed.
  • High-Performance Components.
  • Made From Good Quality Materials.


  • Expensive.


Type Of Board: Large & Long Cruiser With Kicktail.
Materials: Canadian Maple Deck.
Wheels: 60mm With 78A Durometer. (Soft & Grippy Wheels)
Length: 30” Width: 9”

The Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard is another similar cruiser that’s slightly shorter and narrower. (28” X 8”)

Best Budget-Friendly Skateboard For Dogs → LOSENKA Pet Board

Price: $$
Quality: ****
Stability: *****
Easy To Ride: *****
Overall Rating: 4.6/5

During my research, I’ve found an option that’s made especially for dogs. The length, width, and overall design are therefore ideal for your four-legged companion. Moreover, it’s also an excellent choice to provide him with an appropriate skateboard without breaking the bank.

Stable, easily maneuverable, and lightweight, you won’t find anything else as good as the LOSENKA Pet Board for the same price. The wheels, bearings, and trucks are great for your dog to ride as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

If you’re looking for a skateboard that’s suitable for him, not too expensive, and offers excellent value for the money, this is the perfect deal for your needs!


  • Designed For Pets & Dogs.
  • Affordable Price For Good Quality Skateboard.
  • Excellent Stability & Maneuverability.
  • Ideal Size For Most Breeds.
  • Soft Wheels & Performant Bearings For Better Riding Experience.
  • Lightweight Construction For Easy Pushing.


  • Not The Best Components. (You Get What You Pay For)


Type Of Board: Cruiser Pet Skateboard.
Materials: Maple Wood Deck & Aluminum Trucks.
Wheels: 60mm X 45mm With 80A Durometer. (Good Control & Traction)
Length: 26” Width: 8.27”

Best Longboard For Dogs → Magneto Kicktail Cruiser

Price: $$$
Quality: *****
Stability: *****
Easy To Ride: ****
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

A longboard is generally not the best option for dogs, even if it’s stable, smooth to ride, and perfect for cruising. It has a bulky and heavy design that’s not ideal for them to push the board easily.

However, the Magneto Kicktail Cruiser is an excellent choice if you want your dog to have a longboard. Lightweight, performant, and great for beginners, it’s my ultimate recommendation for him to learn how to ride on this type of board!

Furthermore, you could also use this board to get pulled by your buddy on the sidewalks. Whether you want to introduce him to longboarding or let him run in front of you on the streets, this is an investment you won’t regret.

With the soft wheels, wide deck, and good quality trucks, it’s ideal for both of you to start this type of boardsport.

Overall, you may consider this cruiser if your companion is large and tall, you’re looking for a longboard, or you want to enjoy skatejoring (skateboarding pulled by a dog) together!


  • Extremely Stable, Maneuverable & Easy To Ride.
  • High-Quality Components For Better Performance.
  • Great Longboard For The Money.
  • Made From Sturdy & Durable Materials.
  • Versatile & Beginner-Friendly Board.


  • Not The Best Design For Most Dogs.


Type Of Board: Kicktail Longboard Cruiser.
Materials: Bamboo & Maple Deck With Aluminum Trucks.
Wheels: 70mm With 78A Durometer. (Soft & Grippy)
Length: 44” Width: 9”

Best Dog Skateboard For Small Breeds → Magneto Mini Cruiser

Price: $$$
Quality: ****
Stability: ****
Easy To Ride: *****
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Breeds such as Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs, or Welsh Corgis don’t need a board that’s wider than normal because they are not very large. Thus, the Magneto Mini Cruiser is well-suited for small companions.

Although it’s slightly shorter and narrower than other options, it still offers good stability, maneuverability, and performance.

Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to push for your dog and convenient to carry for you. The double kicktails design is also great to provide him with a lot of control on the board.

With the soft urethane wheel, the Magneto Mini Cruiser is very smooth to ride even on rough terrain. Therefore, it’s another awesome skateboard for your dog to get started without breaking the bank!


  • Great Value For The Price.
  • Offer Excellent Stability & More Control.
  • Convenient Design That’s Easy To Carry.
  • Awesome Board For Beginners & Advanced Furry Athletes.


  • Not The Best Quality Components.
  • Might Be Too Narrow or Short For Large Breeds.


Type Of Board: Mini Cruiser With Double Kicktails.
Materials: Canadian Maple Deck With Aluminium Trucks.
Wheels: 60mm X 51mm With 78A Durometer. (Soft & Grippy)
Length: 27.5” Width: 7.5”

How To Choose The Right Skateboard For Your Dog?

With all the options I’ve shared with you, you might still be wondering which one you should pick. Although many boards could be just fine, some of them will be more appropriate for his conditions and needs.

Sooner in this article, we already clarified what makes good skateboards for dogs. Now let me share some things you should consider to choose the best one for your furry best friend!

Your Dog’s Needs.

First of all, you must understand your companion’s requirements for this type of sport. It’s essential to consider his breed, size, age, fitness level, and other traits to ensure the board you select is ideal for him.

Even with the best option out there, your dog won’t be able to ride on it properly if it’s too small, too large, or simply not suitable for his needs.

Level Of Experience With Boardsports.

Beginners don’t need the same type of equipment as professional athletes. Thus, your dog’s skateboarding skills are also important to determine what board it’s better for him.

If he’s just getting started, I highly recommend something that will be easy to ride, very stable, and large enough for him to stand comfortably. For more advanced furry riders, boards that provide more maneuverability are better to improve their technique.

Recommendations For Beginners:

Recommendations For Accomplish Furry Skaters:

Your Personal Preferences.

Then, you can also consider what you want about this purchase if it’s necessary. Your budget, favorite patterns, and other preferences are quite important but not as much as your dog’s needs.

That’s why I highly recommend you put his interests ahead of yours. It’s fine to look for a skateboard that’s affordable as long as the option you choose is still appropriate for your buddy!

What Kind Of Board Should You Get For Your Bulldog?

Since the English Bulldog is the most popular breed for skateboarding, here’s what this type of dog would need. With their large structure and short body, they have a low center of gravity that’s ideal for stability.

Thus, any board that’s fairly stable, wide enough for your Bulldog, and smooth to ride would be perfect for him. The deck should also be quite low to be easy for him to push on the ground with his short legs.

Top Boards For Bulldogs:

How To Train Your Dog For Riding On His New Skateboard?

Once you have an appropriate board for your companion, it’s time to help him get started. Training is as important as equipment to let him enjoy this dog sport.

To prepare him for skateboarding, I highly recommend you master basic obedience training and ensure he’s healthy enough for moderate physical activity. Then, you can follow the 5 steps below to teach your dog how to skateboard!

  1. Get Your Dog Used To His New Board.
  2. Put Him On The Skateboard When It’s Not Moving.
  3. Start Teaching Your Dog How To Stand & Push On The Board In The Grass.
  4. Introduce Him To Skateboarding Commands Such As “Push”, “Ride” & “Skateboard”.
  5. Help Your Dog To Improve His Skills While Riding The Board On Pavement.

If you want more information about how to train your dog to ride a skateboard, I highly recommend you to check out this article on the Wag Blog!

I’ve also found an excellent video to help get started with this awesome urban sport!

Tips To Teach Your Dog How To Skateboard Properly!

Getting started with this sport won’t be easy for both you and your buddy. To eventually see him shred on his new board, there are many things you should know.

Thus, here are my best pieces of advice for people just like you who want to train their dog to skateboard!

Train Your Dog To Ride His Board Somewhere Safe.

As for any other sport, your companion’s safety should be your priority when he’s skateboarding. Finding an appropriate area that’s confined, not too busy, and safe is important for him to get started.

To avoid any injury or accident, you should also keep close attention to your dog all the time.

Start Out Slow & Gradually Improve.

In the beginning, you should make the sport as easy and pleasant as possible for your dog. That’s why it’s recommended to start on a stationary board or in the grass.

Don’t just put him on a skateboard at the top of a hill; it’s not safe. Instead, teach him the basics and gradually help him to improve his riding skills.

Pay Attention To Your Dog’s Paws.

Another important safety precaution to take is to check your dog’s feet regularly. If he has sensitive paw pads, they may be damaged while skateboarding.

Thus, you need to pay attention to them if you want to prevent him from getting hurt or injured. To protect his feet on pavement, I highly recommend you invest in the Musher’s Secret Wax Paw!

Have Fun!

Even if board sports are quite hard to master, they can still be fun both for humans and dogs. With all the preparation, training, and practice, it’s easy to forget the pleasant part of skateboarding.

That’s why you should always make sure it’s enjoyable for everyone. But let’s be honest, how can you not have fun while doing this awesome sport with your best friend?

Last Thoughts About The Best Skateboards For Dogs!

Finally, there are many things to know before investing in a board for your companion. From understanding his needs to choosing the right type of skateboard for dogs, it’s a lot of information to process.

However, he should be all set to get started with something stable, easy to ride, and large enough for him to stand normally.

English Bulldog Skateboard

That’s why wide cruisers are generally better for dogs. The soft wheels, smooth riding experience, and good control are ideal for them to learn how to skateboard.

With that information in mind, you only have to find the perfect option for your buddy’s conditions and needs. If you don’t know where to start your research, you can always check out my recommendations.

Whatever board you decide to purchase, I’m sure you will have a lot of fun teaching your dog how to use it. I hope my article has helped you understand what he needs to become an excellent skater.

Now it’s time to get stoked and prepare for cruising around your neighborhood together.

Be Safe & Ride On!