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Greyhounds & Hiking | 5 Things You Should Know!

Every dog owner is regularly looking for new things to do with his companion. As you know, it’s not always easy to provide proper exercise to your Greyhound. Activities such as daily walks, fetching or free-running are always very interesting to stay active and have fun. However, more original dog sports like going on hikes with your greyhound could be amazing!

Greyhound Hiking In Woods

To do such an intense sport, your pooch will need some preparation and motivation. Even if your dog can sprint extremely fast, that doesn’t mean they can walk long distances. Before you try hiking with your furry friend, there are some important questions to answer. Are Greyhounds suitable for hiking? Do Greyhounds like to hike? I recently questioned myself about the hiking capacities of these awesome dogs and here’s what I’ve found!

Greyhounds are effectively good hiking partners. With some training and preparation, some furry athletes will be able to walk up to 5 miles (8 km) hikes. Not all Greyhounds will be suitable or/and like to hike. It will depend on many things such as his energy, desire to exercise and personality. Make sure to respect your dog’s limits!

Active people will love to enjoy the outdoors with their furball. Nonetheless, you should always be careful to not over-exercise your Greyhound. In this blog post, I would like to share with you some interesting information about your companion’s athletic capacities. At the end of your reading, you will know if your dog is suitable to hike plus a few tips to enjoy this sport safely!

5 Things To Know About Greyhounds Before Hiking!

Before giving you more information about hiking, it’s important to know your dog’s breed well. Greyhounds are sweet companions well known as racing dogs. Many things make them unique and awesome life partners. Here are 5 interesting facts about Greyhounds!

Greyhound Ready To PLay
  • They Are Well-Suited For Apartments!
  • Greyhounds Can Be Active!
  • They Can Also Be Couch-Potatoes!
  • Greyhounds Are Fit Well Into Families!
  • They Are Extremely Affectionate!

During my research, I learn a lot of things about Greyhounds. I don’t explain every one of these facts because it’s not the goal of this blog post. Moreover, you probably already know this information. Let’s continue to discover if Greyhounds are suitable and like hiking!

Are Greyhounds Suitable For Hiking?

These buddies are relatively active pets but don’t have a lot of stamina. That’s what will restrict some Greyhounds to enjoy long-distance hiking safely. Besides, they can also be fragile if you treat them as dolls. That’s why you should try gradually more intense activities to make your hound tougher!

What’s good about that? First, most Greyhounds can enjoy small hikes anywhere from 1 to 3 miles (1.6 to 4.8 km). Second, stamina and other athletic qualities can be improved. Even if your buddy isn’t suitable to hike more than 1 or 2 miles (1.6 or 3.2 km) right now, you can train him to become a better hiker. Nonetheless, you need to be very careful and always respect your buddy’s limits and condition!

Greyhound Hiking In Snow

Exercise Needs of Greyhounds!

Knowing your dog’s exercise requirements is important to provide them with proper physical activity. For example, many Greyhounds won’t want more exercise than their daily walks. Normally, that’s because they have been conditioned to be less energetic. Other active Greys will love to go hiking 5 miles (8 km) with their owners!

Therefore, your dog’s exercise needs depend on many elements such as his breed, age, health, personality, lifestyle, etc. Most Greyhounds will need at least 45 to 60 minutes of physical activity every day. It should include 1 or 2 walks around 20 to 30 minutes, free playtime, and other dog sports or activities. These furry animals are relatively energetic, so they need plenty of daily exercise!

So, Can Greyhounds Hike Safely?

Healthy and active Greyhounds are suitable to enjoy hiking. This dog breed isn’t as fragile or weak as many people think. You just need to make sure that your companion is enough in good shape to hike. Furthermore, you should be very careful if you want to hike with a dog that has health or physical restrictions. That’s why it’s always safer to visit your vet to have more personalized and accurate answers!

Greyhounds Running Fast

Can Greyhounds Go On Long Walks or Hikes?

These impressive sprinters can reach speed up to 40 miles per hour (64 km/h). That’s extremely fast compared to humans, but they can only run at that speed on short distances. Unfortunately, Greyhounds don’t have a lot of stamina. So, they usually won’t walk longer than 1 or 2 miles (1.6 or 3.2). However, some exceptions could be trained to hike up to 4 or 5 miles (6.5 to 8 km)!

How Much Should You Hike or Walk With Your Greyhound?

Many Greyhound owners seem to think that a 2 miles hike (3.2 km) is the maximum distance to walk with these dogs. Nonetheless, some of them were able to hike up to 5 miles (8 km) or do full-day hiking with their companions. Therefore, the answer will depend on many elements such as your Greyhound’s age, experience, athletic qualities, motivation, etc.

Greyhound Ready To Hike

Do Greyhounds Like To Hike or Walk?

Daily walks are highly recommended for nearly every dog. Furthermore, most Greyhound will love walking with you every day. Especially if that’s the only opportunity to exercise and have mental stimulation by sniffing on walks. In general, healthy and high-energy Greyhounds will like to hike. As hound and race dogs, they will love to enjoy activity time outdoors with their owners!

The best way to know if your dog likes hiking is to try. You could be very surprised by how Greyhounds can enjoy regular hikes. Nevertheless, be very careful to not over-exercise your buddy. You should also read my hiking tips to enjoy this sport safely!

6 Safety Tips To Hike With Greyhounds!

Before you go on hikes with your Greyhound there are many things you need to know. Hiking or long walks aren’t for every dog. Besides, sometimes the conditions aren’t safe for your companion. So, please consider my 6 pieces of advice to hike safely with your Greyhound!

Don’t Start Too Young!

Puppies aren’t suitable for intense sports such as running or hiking. They are still growing, and that makes them very prone to serious injuries. Normally, Greyhounds will take around 16 to 20 months before being fully grown. So, 18 months should be the sooner to start very short hikes with your buddy!

Be Careful With Fragile Companions!

Some dogs are more fragile than others. Even if Greyhounds aren’t weak at all, some couch potatoes won’t like intense sports. Old, overweight, injured or unhealthy companions are especially more susceptible to hurt themselves on long walks or hikes. That’s why you should adapt your exercise routine to your dog’s conditions and limits!

Greyhound Lay Down

The Wheather Matters!

Normally, Greyhounds can’t tolerate extreme temperatures like many other dog breeds. You need to be very careful to not exercise your dog when it’s too hot or too cold. You should always watch the weather before going on a hike with your pooch. However, Greyhounds withstand surprisingly cold temperatures pretty well. They can go out in the cold up to 32°F or 0°C for short periods. For hot temperatures, you shouldn’t exercise your dog when it’s over 75°F or 24°C!

Start Short And Slow!

Like any other sport, it will take some time and training for you and your dog to be good hikers. So, it’s really important to start with short and slow hikes. Let your Greyhound build stamina, strength, and resilience before walking more than 2 miles (3.2 km). After some practice and physical conditioning, you will both be ready for longer hikes!

Be Careful With Off-Leash!

Giving more freedom to your companion can have many benefits. Nevertheless, you need to be very careful with off-leash during your hikes. Don’t forget that Greyhounds have a hunting instinct. They could start running after wild animals to hunt them. That’s why you should practice your off-leash and recall cue in a safe place!

Pay Attention To Your Companion!

The last thing you should know is to always check your dog. Like any animal, they will make you a sign or have symptoms when something is wrong. Every Greyhound has different ways to communicate, so learn your buddy’s language. You also need to make sure your dog is alright before, during, and after your hikes. Just pay attention to your furry friend, and everything should be good!

Other hiking tips from AKC!

Activities For Greyhounds Other Than Hiking or Walking!

Before letting you go, I’ve found some other fun things to do with Greyhounds. Hiking and long walks aren’t the only ways to be more active with your companion. Don’t forget that these sprinters need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Here are some canine activities to keep your Greyhound fit, healthy and happy!

Greyhound Run Full Speed
  • Fetch or Frisbee.
  • Tag or Chase.
  • Agility Course.
  • Lure Coursing.
  • Teach Him New Tricks.
  • Play In Water or Leaves.
  • Swimming.
  • Running.
  • Etc.

Last Thoughts About Hiking With Your Greyhound!

Finally, Greyhounds can be excellent hiking partners for short distances. Nonetheless, not all dogs are suitable for intense sports. Only healthy, active, and well-trained companions will be able to enjoy long walks or hikes safely. If your Greyhound can hike, he will probably enjoy it a lot!

Greyhound Prepare Hiking

Keep in mind that every pet is different. Never force your buddy to hike if he doesn’t have any desire to do so. Anyway, there are plenty of canine activities to exercise your companion. I hope this article helps you understand if your Greyhound is suitable to hike or not. It would be a real pleasure for my Lab and me to meet you on dog-friendly hiking trails!