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How Much Exercise Does A French Bulldog Need?

French Bulldogs are small but lively. Despite their size, they will need exercise to stay fit, healthy, and happy. But they might not require as much as larger and more active dog breeds. So it’s normal to wonder how much exercise your French Bulldog needs.

In general, a French Bulldog will require between 30 and 60 minutes of exercise per day. It should include two or three walks, other physical activities, and some mental stimulation. How much exercise a French Bulldog needs will mainly depend on his age, health, fitness, and energy level.

French Bulldog Exercise

Do French Bulldogs Need A Lot Of Exercise?

French Bulldogs don’t need a lot of exercise because it’s a small brachycephalic dog breed. Their size and short-nosed face make them less tolerant of physical activity. Frenchies also have moderate energy levels and can adapt well to a less active lifestyle. So they don’t need much exercise to be satisfied.

What Can Influence How Much Exercise A Frenchie Needs?

Between 30 and 60 minutes of exercise per day is only a general recommendation based on the standard of the breed. Some French Bulldogs might need more or less exercise than others. The requirements of a dog will also change throughout his life and according to the following elements.


How old your Frenchie is will impact the amount and type of exercise he should get. The general recommendation was referring to adult dogs of the breed. If your French Bulldog is very young or old, he might have different exercise needs.

How Much Exercise Does A French Bulldog Puppy Need?

In general, puppies will need approximately 5 minutes of exercise for each month of age up to twice a day. As the French Bulldog is a small brachycephalic dog breed, 5 minutes per month of age per day should be enough for a puppy. So a 4-month-old Frenchie will need around 20 minutes of daily exercise.

Puppy AgeExercise Needs
3 Months Old15 Minutes
4 Months Old20 Minutes
5 Months Old25 Minutes
6 Months Old30 Minutes
Exercise Needs Chart For A French Bulldog Puppy

Young pups might seem to have a lot of energy, but they haven’t built endurance and stamina yet. That’s why they usually get tired quickly and don’t need as much exercise as adult dogs. High-impact or intense physical activity can also be harmful to French Bulldog puppies that are still growing and fragile.

How Much Exercise Does A Senior French Bulldog Need?

As dogs get older, they will gradually decrease in energy and physical condition. So a senior French Bulldog might need less and less exercise as he ages. In general, between 20 and 45 minutes of moderate physical activity per day should be enough for most old Frenchies.


The health of the dog is another factor to consider. French Bulldogs are all brachycephalic, which can cause breathing problems, but they might have other conditions too. Mobility issues, disease, or simply poor health can influence how much exercise they need.

The general recommendation of 30 to 60 minutes per day refers to a healthy French Bulldog. So it may not apply to dogs of this breed with special problems or conditions. That’s why you should do a health check with your vet to exercise your Frenchie accordingly.

Fitness & Energy Level

The physical condition of the dog is another factor to consider. Some French Bulldogs are in better shape than others. Therefore, they will need more activity to be satisfied and tired. On the other hand, an overweight dog might require less exercise.

Besides fitness level, energy can also come into play. It’s fuel, just like gas for cars. The more energy a dog has, the longer it will take to burn it off. So more energetic French Bulldogs might need more exercise to stay fit, healthy, and happy.

What Kind Of Exercise Do French Bulldogs Need?

French Bulldogs require different forms of exercise. First of all, they will need multiple walks per day. Then, vigorous physical activity will allow dogs to burn off more energy and improve their fitness. Frenchies also need mental stimulation to entertain their mind and challenge their brain.

Anything that involves a significant effort can be considered exercise. But it will generally come down to the three categories mentioned above. So let’s explore them and find out how much of each a French Bulldog needs.


Daily walks are much more than potty breaks. They also allow dogs to do moderate physical activity, get fresh air, socialize, and explore the outdoors. So walking is an essential source of exercise for French Bulldogs.

How Much Should A French Bulldog Walk Each Day?

A French Bulldog should ideally walk two to three times per day for a total of between 15 and 30 minutes. So half of your dog’s exercise needs should be made up of walking. Multiple short walks throughout the day are better than a long one for French Bulldogs because they are a brachycephalic breed.

How Far Can A French Bulldog Walk?

Most French Bulldogs walk relatively slowly because of their small size and lack stamina because of their short nose. Therefore, they won’t go very far. With an average speed of 2 mph, you can expect a French Bulldog to walk between 0.5 and 1 mile per day, divided into two or three walks.

Physical Activity

Besides walking, your dog should also do more vigorous exercise. It will allow him to burn off energy and improve his fitness. Running, swimming, playing fetch, and tug-of-war are some activities you can do with a French Bulldog.

However, you must be careful because this brachycephalic breed is prone to overexertion and overheating. In general, anything between 10 and 20 minutes of daily physical activity other than walking should be enough for your Frenchie. So don’t overdo it.

Can You Over Exercise/Walk A French Bulldog?

You can easily over-exercise a French Bulldog if you’re not careful. Since they are small and have difficulty breathing, their tolerance to physical activity is relatively low. Too much exercise can lead to overexertion, heat sickness, dehydration, injuries, and other problems, especially in warmer conditions. 

Can You Run With A French Bulldog?

You can run with a French Bulldog at a slow pace on a short distance. However, Frenchies aren’t good running partners. Their short nose and small size make them lack endurance. Most French Bulldogs will be tired out after a few minutes of running and risk overheating or injuring themselves on trails.

Mental Stimulation

As I already said, dogs also have a mind to stimulate. That’s where mental exercise comes into play. Training, scent work, puzzle toys, and brain games can be great ways to challenge your French Bulldog mentally. You should aim for 5 to 10 minutes of purposeful mental stimulation per day.

Last Thoughts About The French Bulldog’s Exercise Needs!

Finally, most French Bulldogs will need around 45 minutes of exercise per day. Some might require more or less than that general recommendation depending on their age, health, fitness, and energy level. Therefore, you must analyze and know your dog to exercise him properly.

Dog On Leash Walk

Ideally, a French Bulldog should get two or three walks, some other physical activity, and a little bit of mental stimulation every day. Both not enough or too much exercise can be bad for your dog. So make sure to find the right balance and go work out together.

Let’s Exercise That French Bulldog!