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Is Canicross Good For Dogs? (Things To Know Before Running!)

Does your dog love to run? Why not canicross with him!

Have you heard about the new dog sport called canicross? If you are looking to start a sport with your dog, canicross can be a good option. What is canicross? I will explain that later, but here’s a simple definition to give you an idea. Canicross is a dog sport where you run behind your dog with a harness.

When I start looking for a cool and physical activity to spend the energy of my lab, canicross seems like a nice solution. However, is canicross a good dog sport for your companion?

Yes, canicross is an amazing sport for dogs. Almost any high active dog with good health can start enjoying this sport. This is also a very fun activity if you and your dog are experienced in running together. On the other hand, if you don’t respect any basic rules canicross can be very bad for your buddy. Let me share with you what is the best way to enjoy this dog sport safely!

If you are looking for a new sport to try with your dog, you understand that exercise is necessary for your dog’s health. Every dog owner should find a fun sport to play with their companion. Canicross could be the right sport for you and your dog!

What is Canicross?

Before you read more, you need to know a little bit more about canicross. This sport was originally a method to exercise high energy sled dogs. If you don’t know what a sled dog is, it’s a sport where dogs pull a sled in the snow. Here’s a small video about dog sledding!

Canicross is the same idea as dog sledding, but without sled and snow. It’s only a runner, a dog, and a harness!

Dogs like huskies, border collies, and labradors need a lot of exercise and playtime. Actually, any breed of dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. There are plenty of ways you can spend the energy of your companion. Dog sports are very awesome for more energetic dogs!

What Is a Good Sport For Dogs?

Dog running and canicrossing on the beach.

It’s totally normal to not know what makes a better dog sport. There’s not a unique answer to this question, but I found some interesting things. First, the breed is often one of the right aspects to look at if you want to find a good sport for your dog.

With the breed of a dog, you can know general important information needed to find the right sport. For example, you can find health problems your dog could have, how easy it is to train him and how much exercise he needs!

Your dog personality is also something you should take into consideration. Every dog enjoys different things; you should know what type of sport your buddy likes. You should be very careful about other specific health information.

Your veterinarian is the best person to help you with the kind of sport your dog could be OK for your dog. However, I found some general rules to help you know if canicross can be the perfect sport for your companion!

Is Canicross Good For Dogs?

Yes, canicross is fundamentally a great sport. It’s a very good activity to keep your dog healthy and happy. Like many other dog sports, your bond with your companion. Dog sporting breeds need a lot of exercise time. Canicross is a great way to spend the energy of your dog.

If you already run with your pup, this sport can be a little bit more challenging. Running with your buddy can be very fun for you. Canicross is an awesome way to increase your fitness. You want to be in better shape and you enjoy running?

I highly recommend you to try canicross. However, you need to be very careful with this sport. It could be very bad for your dog if you don’t respect your dog. For example, you need to use special equipment to canicross with your dog. If you don’t, you could hurt your best running partner!

Anxious or new dogs. If your dog doesn’t like to be surrounded by other people or dogs, canicross could be very interesting. It’s one of the best sports to be alone with your dog. It’s a nice activity for dogs that don’t like public places!

Canicross is not a good sport if your dog isn’t in good health. A lot of health issues can be a problem to start this dog sport. Bulldogs, Saint Bernards, Basset hounds or any other low energy dog breed shouldn’t start canicross in general.

Do you think your dog can make it? I hope so, if you’re at the same energy level as your dog, you can try. It’s just not a good idea when your dog doesn’t like intense activities. Before starting canicross, just make sure it’s the right sport for you and your dog!

What Do You Need To Look At Before You Consider Running With Your Dog?

Beautiful dog running in the sand!

Almost any dog breed canicross, but not every dog can enjoy this sport safely. Huskies are natural canicrossers, but there’s a lot of other dog breeds that can run with you. If you’re serious about starting canicross, you need to make sure your dog is able to do it. Here’s some important information about can all dogs canicross?

The Age of your Dog Matters.

Puppies. Do you want to start canicross with a young puppy? That’s probably not a good idea, because puppies bones are still growing. It’s crucial to not introduce your puppy to canicross to not over-exercise him. Normally, a dog is fully grown at one year old, or it can be longer for some breeds.

Senior dogs. For senior dogs, it’s the same thing. You should judge when it’s time to find a lower energetic activity for your dog. Some dogs can do canicross for a long time when they are very healthy. However, they can enjoy canicross, but it can be bad for them. If you see any kind of pain while running, it’s time to find a new favorite activity!

Dog’s Health Issues.

Breathing issues. The health of your dog is very important. If your dog has respiratory issues, you need to be very careful. Some dog breeds can breath and regulate their temperature very well. For example, a pug could have serious injuries or breathing issues because of canicross.

Injured dogs. Give time to fully cover from any kind of injury before starting canicross. It’s very important to consult a vet if your dog has any health issues. He would probably suggest your dog begin with a lower intense sport. Starting directly with canicross could hurt an injured dog!

Overweight dogs. Before starting canicross with an overweight dog, you should begin with low energy exercising. If you start exercising your dog with canicross you could cause pain to him. Canicross is more a sport for dogs with good health.

Try swimming instead of running with fragile dogs!

Things To Know Before You Start Canicross With Your Dog!

Do you remember when I tell you that you need to follow some rules? Here are some things you should be aware of before you go canicross!

Have This Dog Running Gear!

I already introduce a little bit about what special gear you need. Is it OK to canicross my dog with a simple collar? The answer is no, you need special equipment to run safely with your dog. Never run with your dog while he’s just wearing a normal collar, because it puts too much pressure on their neck. Investing in an adapted gear for canicross is very recommended. You will need a canicross harness, an appropriate leash, a special belt for you and some other optional gear!

Don’t Canicross In Hot Temperatures!

Even if your dog is in very good health, canicrossing isn’t a good idea when the temperature is too high. Running in the morning could be safer during hot days. Any intense exercise at hot temperatures can be bad for your dog. It can result in your dog suffering from heatstroke. You always need to give enough water to your dog. While he canicross, your dog needs to be well hydrated and kept as cool as possible. That’s why it is not recommended to run with your dog when it’s too hot outside!

How To Train Your Dog For Canicrossing?

You need to know some basic techniques before starting canicross. To master this sport, want your dog to pull you in front while you lead him when to go. If you want to be able to enjoy canicross, you need to learn a lot of things. Here’s some information on Cani-Fit site to help you start canicross!

Final Thoughts about Canicross!

In conclusion, canicross is a very good sport for dogs. It allows them to exercise and spend time with their owner. You should consider starting canicross for many reasons. This sport is very good to improve your bond with your dog.

Every active dog will love this intense sport. My lab personally loves that kind of outdoor activity. You should try it to see if your companion likes it. I hope this article helps you to find if canicross is a good sport for your dog!