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Running With Two Dogs | How To Get Started?

Providing proper physical activity for your dog isn’t always easy. Daily walks might not be enough for him to spend all his extra energy. That’s why running together is one of the best ways to keep you both fit, healthy, and happy. But what if you have two dogs or you’re considering adopting another companion in your family? Can you run with both of them at the same time or you have to exercise each one separatly?

Two Dogs Running

Running with two dogs is not as simple and easy as it sounds. However, it’s totally possible to workout with both of them with proper gear and training. It may take some investment in time, energy, and money, but the benefits will definitely be worth all your efforts. With some practice and determination, everyone can run with multiple dogs at the same time!

My Labrador and I love to head out on trails together quite regularly. With my idea of becoming an official dog sitter, I will have to exercise all the pets that are in my house. With school, job, family, and all my other projects, free time isn’t what I’ve got the most available right now. Thus, running with two dogs or more would be perfect to provide them with enough physical activity efficiently!

In this article, I want to share with you all the information I’ve found to help you run with all of your dogs at the same time. Whether you don’t have time to exercise them separately or you simply don’t understand how running with both of them can be possible, I highly recommend you continue your reading. From the equipment to the specific training for running with two dogs, you probably have a lot of things to learn!

If you run out of time to exercise with both of your pups, you might not have enough time to read all the details of my blog post. Thus, here’s everything you should know to run with multiple dogs!

Training Skills To Master With Each Dog:

  • Loose Leash Walking.
  • Basic Obedience Commands.
  • Side By Side Running.

Compatibility For Two Dogs To Run Together:

  • Similar Physical Conditions.
  • Get Along With Each Other.
  • Same Level Of Training.

Must-Have Gear:

5 Steps For Running With Multiple Dogs:

  • Master Loose Leash Walking With Each One Of Them.
  • Teach Them How To Run Separately.
  • Invest In Appropriate Gear For Running With Multiple Dogs.
  • Start By Walking With Your Two Dogs At The Same Time.
  • Gradually & Slowly Switch To Running Instead Of Walking.

Can You Run With Two Dogs?

The short answer is yes, but one of your companions might not be well-suited for running. They both need to be quite obedient and have good health conditions to enjoy this type of exercise. That’s why you must make sure your two dogs can run safely before going further.

Visiting your vet is probably the best way to ensure they are both suitable for intense physical activity. However, running shouldn’t be an issue if you respect their limits. Only serious health problems, structural conditions, or other restrictions can keep them from heading out on trails with you safely. Otherwise, you and your dogs should be fine to run together safely!

Are Your Dogs The Right Match For Running Together?

Once you know you’re all able to exercise without any issue, you might want to find out if everyone is compatible to enjoy it at the same time. Foremost, the dogs must get along very well with each other. Then, both of them should be well-trained and obedient enough to have control over the situation. You won’t go very far if you need to supervise one of your running partners all the time.

Another important thing to consider is if your dogs have similar physical aptitudes. They don’t need to be the same breed or to run exactly at the same speed. However, trying to run with a Husky and a Chihuahua might not be the best idea. The two dogs should at least have comparable energy and fitness levels to be suitable for running together!

How To Run With Two Dogs At The Same Time?

Now, let’s dive into the main subject of the article. Even if your dogs are an excellent match to run together, it doesn’t mean they are ready to hit the trails. You may be excited about working out with them at the same time, but you must train and prepare each companion properly before running all together!

Preparation For Running With Multiple Dogs!

There are 3 main ways to prepare your companions for group exercise sessions. Basic obedience training, physical conditioning, and socialization are essential to start any new activity safely. If your dogs are already all set to run together safely, you can skip this section.

Fundamental training should include good leash manners and most standard commands such as “Sit”, “Stay” or “Look At Me”. For physical preparation, proper exercise and regular walks are crucial to ensure each one of your dogs is fit and healthy enough for running. Then, taking both of them out separately to get used to the great outdoors, other pets, and people is another important step before working out together in this type of environment.

How To Train Your Dogs To Run & Walk Together?

First of all, you must spend some alone time with each companion to make sure they all master loose leash walking and running. They need to know how to run properly with you only before adding more difficulty and distraction with another dog. Teaching everything at the same time to everyone is simply not realistic and efficient!

Pets learn things by doing them again and again. If one of your dogs has the bad habit to pull on the leash or to stop suddenly on walks, solving those kinds of problems while running with another buddy is practically impossible. That’s why they all need good behaviors to run alongside each other successfully.

Once both of your dogs are walking alone with you on-leash every day without any issue, you can slowly start to train them for running one at a time. You can begin by teaching them speed cues such as “Let’s Go”, “Easy”, or “Whoa” during daily walks. Then, you can slowly start jogging with them to ensure they keep their loose leash behavior even with more intense physical effort.

In this training phase, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort to run individually with both of your dogs. But after some practice, they will be able to perform on trails like professional athletes. At this point, it might be the right time to start working out all together!

Should Your Dogs Run On The Same Side, In Front, Or On Each Side?

There’s no ultimate answer to this question because the optimal positioning will depend on you and your dogs’ preferences. In general, having them just a little bit in front of you on each side is ideal to have as much control as possible. On the other hand, it could be difficult to change their habits if they have been taught to run or walk on one specific side.

The only thing to avoid is to let your dogs decide where they want to be placed. Give them an assigned position according to their preferences and stick with it. Otherwise, they might be tempted to switch sides while running and that can be very frustrating or even dangerous. That’s why my approach would be to teach one dog to stay on the right and the other to keep on the left side!

Equipment You Need For Running With Two Dogs!

Now, it’s time to invest in the right gear to walk and eventually run with both of your companions. With all the different setups on the market, it’s quite difficult and overwhelming to find the perfect equipment for your needs. However, you don’t have unlimited options when you have multiple dogs to run with!

If you already have an appropriate leash and two harnesses or collars, you could simply purchase an extension for two connections. For more convenience while running on trails, you could also invest in a hip belt or a hands-free leash. Since we all have different needs, I’ve put together 3 types of starter kit to run with your two dogs!

Versatile Multi-Dogs Running Equipment:

All-In-One Dual Dog Leash:

Hands-Free Starter Pack For Running With Two Dogs.


Other Running Dog Gear.

The leash and the two-connection extension aren’t the only things you will need on trails. For example, your dogs should obviously both have harnesses or collars to run alongside you. Then, you could also invest in booties or paw protection wax to keep their paws safe and intact on rough terrain. Here are some of my favorite equipment to make your running adventures more enjoyable and safe for everyone!

It’s Time To Start Walking & Running With Your Two Dogs!

With all the information I’ve shared with you until now, you should be ready to go on daily walks with both of your dogs. It’s very important to start with this easy and simple physical activity to adjust their behaviors if needed. Once you master loose leash walking with all of your companions at the same time, you can slowly upgrade to running.

If you’ve done all the preparation and training properly, this shouldn’t be too complicated and difficult. However, many people might try to speed up the process by skipping steps or do them too quickly without a serious commitment. If you don’t put in enough effort, time, and dedication, your dogs won’t be as good running partners as they could be!

5 Steps To Run With Multiple Dogs!

There’s a lot of details to keep in mind while teaching your dogs how to run together. From preparation to gearing up correctly, it might not be very easy for you to gather all the information I’ve just shared with you. To ensure your understanding of the overall process, here are some simple steps to go from zero to hero in running with more than one dog!

  1. Teach Loose Leash Walking To All The Dogs.
  2. Master Individual Running With Each One Of Them.
  3. Find The Right Equipment To Run With Multiple Dogs.
  4. Introduce Them To Walking With Another Dog At The Same Time.
  5. Slowly Start Running With Them Instead Of Walking.

Beginner Tips For Running With 2 Dogs!

With the key phases of the method fresh in your mind, you’re all set to head out on trails. Just make sure you’ve proper gear and that all of your running partners are well-prepared. Then, everyone should be ready to do some physical activity all at the same time. Before letting you go, I’ve some advice to help you get started safely!

Take Your Time!

There’s no hurry so don’t try to hit the road if anybody in your team isn’t ready. One of your dogs might be too young or not well-trained enough to run with another furry friend. If you take him anyway, the risks of problems or injuries are much higher. That’s why preparation and patience are essential for you to train multiple companions to run together!

Start Walking & Running With Your Dogs At The Right Place!

Have you ever tried to learn things or work in busy areas where you’re not able to concentrate? If it’s the case, you can easily understand that it’s probably not the best environment for educational purposes. Thus, you need to find somewhere familiar and without distraction if you want to teach your dogs how to run effectively. They are more likely to be receptive to your commands and instructions if they have nothing else than you to focus on!

Don’t Do Too Long Training Sessions!

Pets have very short attention spans so you must keep the lessons short and sweet. Once training becomes unpleasant or inefficient, it’s time to stop. The best way to teach your dogs how to run it’s with regular and brief training sessions. Then, you could slowly build up endurance once your running partners are well-prepared for this sport!

Consider The Weather & Your Dogs’ Conditions!

Even if physical activity is great to progress and push your limits, you still need to be careful. For example, running with your dogs at extreme temperatures isn’t always safe. They might also have physical restrictions to consider for intense sports. Thus, it’s crucial to understand and respect the conditions of all the athletes in your team!

Have Fun!

In my opinion, running with dogs is one of the best things you can do together. Even if some things must be taken seriously, you should also ensure the activity is pleasant for everyone. Sometimes, you just have to let go of everything that’s in your mind to enjoy the time you spend on trails with your furry friends. That’s why I’ve only two rules when it comes to running with multiple dogs: Make sure it’s safe and have fun!

If you’re new to this type of physical activity, I highly recommend you to check out my article on the 21 dos and don’ts about running with dogs

Last Thoughts About Running With Two Dogs!

If you’ve made it until here, I don’t have any doubt that you will be able to exercise all of your companions at the same time. Running with two dogs isn’t easy but it’s possible as long as you’re committed to making it work. All your investment in time, energy, and money will definitely be worth the time you will eventually save and all the memories you will share!

You don’t know where to start? The first thing you should do is to prepare your dogs mentally and physically for this type of activity. With proper training, exercise, and socialization, they should be well disposed to hit the trails. Then, you can slowly improve their running skills separately and invest in the gear you need to enjoy this sport together.

Multiple Running Dogs On Leash

I hope my article has helped you find out how anybody can run with two dogs or maybe more. Now, it’s time to go out and exercise with all your furry friends. For my part, I’m going to find dog sitting clients to finally workout with multiple running partners. Take care and have fun, I hope to see you on trails!