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Can You Walk Your Dog Too Much?

As you probably already know, walking is important for dogs. It will allow them to stay fit, healthy, and happy. But if you like walking as much as I do, you might wonder if you can walk your dog too much. 

Too much walking can be as bad as not enough, especially for puppies and fragile dogs. In general, you should not walk your dog for more than 1 hour per day. Otherwise, it might be too much. But all dogs have different walking limits depending on their breed, health, fitness, energy, and circumstances.

Dog Walking Too Much

So you can definitely walk your dog too much. And if you do, it could lead to injuries, overexertion, sore muscles, and other problems. That’s why it’s important to avoid walking your dog too much.

How Do You Know If You Are Walking Your Dog Too Much?

If your dog is excessively tired, sore, and acts weirdly after a long walk, it was probably too much. But there are a few ways to make sure it’s the case. So let’s figure out if you walk your dog too much and how to avoid it.

Signs That You Are Walking Your Dog Too Much!

Observation is the best way to know if you are walking your dog too much. You have to look for signs of overexertion. So it’s essential to pay attention to your dog before, while, and after walking to notice any unusual symptoms.

Here are some of the most common signs that you are walking your dog too much!

Excessive Panting

The first symptom you will notice if you walk your dog too much is in the breath. Dogs use panting to regulate their body temperature and recover from exercise. So excessive panting during or after a walk might be a sign that it is too much.

Tiredness & Exhaustion

When your dog does something too physically demanding, he will get tired and maybe even exhausted afterward. Walking is a moderate physical activity. So if your dog is excessively and unusually tired while or after walking, you probably overdo it.

Resistance To Walk & Exercise

Walking too much can make your dog resistant to that or any other activity. Overdoing it may take the fun out of it. Besides that, your dog might lack the energy to exercise due to previous walks. So if your dog doesn’t want to walk, it may be because you do it too much.

Sore Muscles

For dogs just as for humans, muscles will get sore after an excessive and unusual effort. So if your dog is stiff during the day(s) following a long walk, it was probably too much.

Paws Injuries

Too much walking can also damage or injure your dog’s paw pads. So you should always check them before, during, and after long walks to ensure they are OK. If your dog has wear-and-tear paws, it might be a good sign that you are walking too much.

What To Do?

If you notice one of the signs mentioned above or any other unusual one before, during, or after walking your dog, don’t ignore it. First of all, you should stop whatever you’re doing. Then, you can take care of your dog and find the cause. After that, you have to solve the problem.

For example, if your dog is exhausted because of a long walk, you should stop and rest. The problem here is probably the walk if you haven’t done any other physically demanding activity. Your dog might even need one or two days off from walking to recover.

After that, you just have to make sure you don’t walk your dog as much. Although signs never lie, they can sometimes be difficult to notice, the cause isn’t always obvious, and the damage is already done. That’s why it’s better to know your dog’s walking limits before crossing them.

How Long Of A Walk Is Too Much For A Dog?

Most dogs can tolerate 30 to 60 minutes of walking up to twice a day. So a one-hour walk is generally too much for a dog. But some dogs easily for 2 hours or more per day. How long is too much will mainly depend on the breed, age, health, fitness, and energy.

For example, a Bulldog won’t be able to walk much more than 15 to 30 minutes per day. On the other hand, an active and healthy Husky could probably walk for more than 2 hours. So the answer will vary a lot from one dog to another. Here are the main factors to consider.


Most dogs of the same breed have similar limits when it comes to walking. For a quick and vague answer, you can take the dog breed exercise needs as a general guideline. A walk longer than what the breed should exercise is probably too much.

For example, Labrador Retrievers need between 60 and 90 minutes of exercise per day. So a two-hour walk is probably too much for most Labs. But the breed isn’t the only factor to consider.


Your dog’s age will also influence how long he can walk. The general recommendations above refer to adult dogs. Puppies can only handle about 5 minutes of walking per month of each, up to twice a day. Senior dogs will also be able to walk less as they get older.

Learn more about when you can start walking with your puppy!


The more healthy a dog is, the longer he can walk. If your dog has any health condition, he might not be able to walk as much as other dogs of the same breed. Joint problems, injuries, disease, and many other things can influence a dog’s walking ability.

Fitness & Energy

Your dog’s physical condition will also impact his walking limits. An overweight and out-of-shape dog won’t be able to walk as much as an active and athletic one. The more fit and energetic your dog is, the longer he can walk.

So How Long Of A Walk Is Too Much For Your Dog?

If you take your dog’s breed exercise requirements and adjust the number according to his age, health, and physical conditions, you should have a good idea of how much he can walk. But if you’re still unsure, you can stick to between 30 and 60 minutes of walking per day divided into short sessions, and everything should be fine.

Ask Your Vet!

If you want professional input, you should work with a veterinarian during the whole process. For example, you can see one for a health check to make sure your dog doesn’t have any special condition.

While you’re there, you can ask your vet how long of a walk is too much for your dog. And if you notice any unusual symptoms after walking, you should take him to the vet.

Do you measure your walks in terms of distance instead of time? If it’s the case, learn more about how far your dog can walk!

Last Thoughts About Walking Your Dog Too Much!

Finally, it’s possible to walk your dog too much. Walking more than 1 or 2 hours might cause more harm than good and lead to several problems. So make sure to know your dog’s limits and respect them.

Tired Dog Walk

You should also look for signs of overexertion, especially after a long walk. But you can avoid walking your dog too much by considering his breed, age, health, fitness, and energy levels. Don’t worry, most dogs will be able and love to walk more than their owners.

So Let’s Walk That Dog, But Not Too Much!