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What Happens If You Don’t Walk Your Dog?

As you probably already know, walking has many benefits for dogs and humans. But you might not always have the time or motivation to take your dog out for a walk. So it’s normal to wonder what happens if you don’t do it. Will there be any negative effects?

Not walking your dog will have several undesired consequences. If you don’t walk your dog, he might become overweight, bored, lethargic, aggressive, destructive, anti-social, and resistant to change. So not taking your dog on walks might negatively impact his overall health, fitness, and happiness.

Not Walking Dog Effects

Effects Of Not Walking Your Dog!

As you can see, many bad things will happen if you don’t walk your dog. But the possible outcomes mentioned above are only some of the problems it can cause. You probably also want to understand why it may occur. So let’s explore all the effects of not walking your dog.

Your Dog Won’t Get Enough Exercise!

Walking is an excellent source of moderate physical activity. Most dogs need at least between 30 and 60 minutes of exercise per day. Walks can make up around half of that daily requirement. So you will miss out on an opportunity to exercise if you don’t walk your dog. Here’s what else might happen consequently.

Weight Gain

Physical activity is essential to maintain a healthy weight. If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise because you don’t walk him, he will probably get fat. Walking allows him to burn some calories. Therefore, a dog that doesn’t walk is more likely to become overweight.

Health/Fitness Decline

Walking is also good for your dog’s overall health and fitness. Even if it’s a moderate physical activity, it still stimulates the muscles and cardiovascular system. It can also prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

On the other hand, not walking your dog will make him more prone to health problems. Without enough exercise, he will also get out of shape, and his fitness level will decline. So your dog will become less healthy and fit if you don’t take him on walks regularly.


Not walking enough might cause your dog to become very lazy and lack energy. Pets are inherently lively and energetic, not depressed and sluggish. The less you walk a dog, the more lethargic he can become and the less likely he will want to exercise. It’s a vicious circle you don’t want to get in.


On the contrary, some dogs might have too much pent-up energy if they don’t have the opportunity to spend it walking and exercising. So they might become hyperactive and restless. Excessively energetic dogs can misbehave and be hard to live with.

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Your Dog Will Get Bored!

If you don’t walk your dog and let him do nothing at home all day long, he will get bored. Walking is stimulating and fun for him, so don’t deprive your dog of that activity. Otherwise, he will find another way to entertain himself, and you will probably not like his ideas.

Lack Of Mental Stimulation

Walking isn’t only good physical activity for dogs. It also provides them with mental stimulation. Sniffing around on walks will keep your dog’s mind active and busy. You can see it by how enthusiastic and engaged he explores and analyzes scents.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to practice obedience commands and do some training. But if you don’t walk your dog, he might lack mental stimulation and get bored. Then, it might manifest in behavioral changes and problems.

Undesired Behaviors

If your dog has nothing to do and is full of energy, he will find some way to entertain himself. It can be chewing on your brand-new shoes, barking excessively for no reason, digging holes in your beautiful backyard, or anything else you can imagine. So boredom can lead to destructive behaviors.

Your Dog Won’t Be Able To Socialize & Explore!

Walking is also an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other pets and people. A lack of socialization can have multiple negative effects, especially for puppies. Besides that, walks allow your dog to explore the surroundings and learn about his environment.


If you don’t take out your dog for a walk, he won’t have the chance to see and meet other dogs. That lack of socialization might cause him to become anti-social and have difficulty behaving in public. Walking will help your dog learn proper social skills and build confidence at the same time.


Without regular walks, your dog won’t be used to being around new people or pets they don’t know. Thus, it might lead to social anxiety. Your dog might be nervous with or fear other dogs and strangers if he doesn’t socialize from a young age and regularly through walking in public.

Resistant To Change

If you don’t walk your dog, he won’t have the opportunity to discover new environments, scent new smells, and see new things. Therefore, he won’t develop a sense of curiosity and get used to novelty. That can make your dog resistant to change and new experiences.

Other Reasons Why You Should Walk Your Dog!

The consequences above are some of the main effects not walking will have on your dog. But you will also lack some of the benefits and conveniences that daily walks can bring. So here are a few other things that will happen if you don’t walk your dog.

Large & Small Dogs Walking

Potty Breaks

Taking your dog out for a walk is also an opportunity for him to do his business. Holding in urine or poop is neither good nor fun and can’t last forever. Therefore, you must let your dog go out regularly for potty breaks, and walking is the perfect occasion for it.


Dogs love to have a routine. So walking at the same time every day will give them a structure to follow and something that excites them. It will also help you to organize your day. You might be less organized and productive without daily walks with your dog.

Dog Owner Bond

Walking is an excellent way to strengthen your bond with your dog. Spending time together is good for your relationship. If you don’t walk your dog, you will miss out on the opportunity to get closer, train, and enjoy each other’s presence.

Have Fun!

Finally, taking your dog out for a walk can be great fun for everyone. It doesn’t have to be a chore. Walking together will allow you to spend time together, do some physical activity, get some fresh air, and enjoy the outdoors. So let’s have fun with your dog!

What Happens If You Don’t Walk Your Dog Every Day?

If you don’t walk your dog regularly, he might get overweight, bored, destructive, and more prone to health conditions. However, nothing serious will happen if you don’t walk your dog every day as long as you do it relatively often and for long enough. The more walking, the fewer problems there will be.

Every Dog Will React Differently From Not Walking!

The consequences mentioned above are all the possible outcomes of not walking a dog. But each dog is unique. So what will happen if you don’t walk your dog can vary a lot according to his breed, age, health, temperament, and other conditions.

The only thing I’m sure about is that not walking at all won’t be good for him. So it’s useless to find a precise answer if you know it’s bad and negative. You just have to walk your dog enough, and everything should be alright.

Last Thoughts About What Happens If You Don’t Walk Your Dog!

Not walking your dog will have many negative effects on your dog’s health, fitness, and happiness. If you don’t walk your dog, he won’t have the opportunity to spend his pent-up energy, be stimulated, socialize, and explore. Therefore, he might get out of shape, become bored, and develop destructive behaviors.

Unhealthy Pug On The Floor

Walking is an excellent source of physical activity, mental stimulation, and socialization. It also comes with many other benefits. Daily walks allow you to plan regular potty breaks, create a routine, bond with your dog, and have fun. So stop wondering what happens if you don’t walk your dog and just do it.

Let’s Walk That Dog!