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Are Dog Head Halters or Collars Good And Safe For Canines?

Dog training isn’t easy especially at the beginning. If your companion is constantly pulling on the leash or doesn’t listen to you, it can be very frustrating. Believe me, having no control over your dog isn’t fun or safe at all. However, there’s training equipment like head halters or collars that could be interesting for dogs!

Dog Head Halters Snow

Once I figured out that my Labrador wasn’t well-trained, I did some research. In a few minutes, I discovered many possibilities to make her more obedient like clicker training, no pulling leashes or head halters. However, I wasn’t sure if head collars were safe and good for dogs? Let me share with you some useful information I’ve found on this training gear!

In general, dog head halters are very useful and safe if you fix it properly. This is a good training harness because it won’t choke your dog. Like any other canine equipment, head collars are maybe not ideal for your companion’s needs. Moreover, it’s also important to understand how (and why) to train dogs with it to not hurt them!

To make it clear, most dog head halters and collars aren’t cruel at all. However, without the right training techniques and some precautions, it’s possible to hurt your pooch with this gear. Furthermore, your dog may not even need head halters to get trained. At the end of your reading, you will know this type of equipment is right for which types of canines and how to use it properly!

What A Dog Head Collar or Halter Is?

Head halters are simply some harnesses that you can put on your dog’s muzzle. The goal of this gear is simply to train dogs to stop pulling. Logically, these furry friends can’t put too much weight on their heads. On the contrary, normal harnesses will encourage them to pull more with all the power of their chest. Consequently, a head collar is ideal to teach your dog loose-leash walking!

Halti Dog Head Halters

How Does It Work?

This training accessory is made to restrict your dog from pulling. It’s a simple harness or collar attached around your dog’s nose just under his eyes. Normally, there’s also another strap that loops over his neck to avoid him to back out his harness. Head halters will give drastically less strength to avoid your dog to constantly pull on the leash. In other words, it allows you to have more control over your buddy while walking!

Disclaimer About Head Collars!

With less pulling power, your dog should understand that he can’t go where he wants. However, this gear shouldn’t be for everyday use. As any training piece of equipment, you should only use it to change your companion’s behavior. Otherwise, you will become dependent on it. Thus, head collars aren’t long-term solutions unless you use it correctly and temporary!

Are Head Halters Good Or Bad For Dogs?

This training method can be extremely useful to teach your companion not to pull. Without all the strength of his body, your dog will probably stop pulling. However, head collars won’t be efficient for all canines. Some of them will keep on pulling even if they have less power to do so. Furthermore, certain dogs could never be comfortable in these special harnesses!

In general, dog head halters are very good as training equipment. It will help many people to walk their furry friends more easily. Nonetheless, you need to use this gear carefully to benefit from its advantages. The only problem with head halters or any other training tool is that they don’t help you build a strong bond with your dog. That’s why you should only use this kind of harness only if your walking partner has serious behavioral problems!

Canine Head Halters On Dog

To clarify, dog head halters can be bad for your canine-owner relationship. Training equipment shouldn’t be the only way to teach new things your buddy. The best dog trainers understand the importance of creating solid bonds with their furballs. Otherwise, they won’t want to cooperate during training sessions. Therefore, head collars can be very good if you keep building trust, respect, and empathy in your relationship with your dog!

There’s more information about this problem on Suzanne Clothier’s website! [Link Open In a New Tab]

Is A Head Collar Safe Or Dangerous On Dogs?

Like any other piece of equipment, dog head halters can have some risks. Before using one for your pooch, you must be aware of the possible effects on him. Has many people think, an injury isn’t the only risk of this special collar that can make it dangerous for your dog. This training gear can have many physical, emotional, and mental effects on him. Canine head halters could cause him pain, discomfort, fear, etc. In other words, they can be dangerous or bad even if it’s not always obvious!

If you have ever try new gears on your companion, you know that he won’t like it directly. Like humans, dogs take time to adapt themselves to new things. Therefore, dog head halters can make them uncomfortable. That’s probably the most common psychological risk to use training equipment. So you should only use some treats and your positive attitude to train your dog when it’s possible!

Nevertheless, dog head halters are relatively safe in comparison to other types of training accessories. For example, they are (with no-pull harnesses) probably the best option to get more control over your buddy without too many risks. Equipment like choke or prong collars can have serious repercussions and cause long-term injuries or damages. Head or no-pull harnesses have simply less potential to hurt your dog!

Can A Head Halter Hurt Your Dog?

The problem isn’t really that this equipment is dangerous. Head halters shouldn’t cause more pain or injuries to your dog than a simple collar. However, the fact that his noggin takes all the impact when he pulls and that it’s fixed on a sensible place could be problematic. If this head harness doesn’t stop your buddy from pulling it, he could easily hurt himself. Accordingly, standard collars can also hurt and choke your dog that pulls!

Generally, head halters shouldn’t hurt your dog. This equipment can be extremely safe because it won’t choke him if he pulls. Moreover, the pressure of the strap on his neck is supposed to make him calmer. Even so, that doesn’t mean there’s no risk to hurt your furry walking partner. Without proper use, training basics or simply by tugging your dog too hard, head collars could cause him pain!

Baby Pulling His Dog

Soft tissues and spine damage are other risks of this piece of equipment. Dogs aren’t mentally or physically ready for unexpected movements of the head on sideways. That’s why head halters could cause some serious problems such as harming their cervicals. In other words, you shouldn’t use this gear without valid reasons and make sure to use it properly!

For Whom Are Head Collars Interesting?

Unfortunately, not everyone should benefit from this product. The truth is that most dogs can be easily trained without head halters. Nonetheless, sometimes this equipment can be extremely useful for specific behavioral issues. Here are the two main types of pooches that should seriously consider investing in this gear!

  • Dogs Out Of Control.
  • Aggressive Companions.
  • Extremely Anxious Pooches.

Let me share with you that my dog wasn’t extremely obedient not a long time ago. So I understand how frustrating it is to have no control over your companion. But it’s not a good reason to give up on canine training before you even try. As you will see in the video below, you should try many things before considering dog head halters. Once you try to teach «Heel» to your pooch without any success, maybe that training equipment could be the solution!

Training your dog shouldn’t be all about gear and accessories. On the contrary, it should be based on the relationship that you want to build with your companion. Furthermore, teaching him new commands or tricks can be fun. Therefore, head halters should only be used when your dog puts him or someone else’s in danger!

Here’s a video that shows the story of a family that needed a head halter!

Why You Shouldn’t Use This Training Equipment?

Some reasons are simply not valid to use dog head halters. Canine training requires time, hard work and long-term commitment. However, it’s your responsibility to keep control over your companion. That’s why dog head collars should never replace real training and good bonding!

Training equipment can’t be a reliable and lifelong solution to keep your buddy obedient. Even if your dog is out of control or aggressive, head halters must be temporary. The only sustainable way to make sure that your dog respects and listens to you it’s through proper training. Moreover, it can be very fun to train your dog with the right method and attitude!

Before you change something in your furball’s routine, you should visit your vet. Whether it’s to start a new dog sport or to invest in a head collar, he will probably be the best person to help you. Every furry companion has different needs and conditions. Therefore, professionals are always in the best position to give you adapted and accurate advice!

Samoyed With Dog Head Halters

How To Choose The Best Dog Head Halter?

It’s time to find the best equipment out there for your furry friend. To minimize the risk of unnecessary pain or injury, quality gear is always very helpful. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in a good product for your dog’s safety and well-being. Before looking for the best pick on the market, there are some elements to consider!

From your buddy’s size to the material of the harness, there are many things to look at. To choose the right size, there’s normally a guide to help you in the description of the product. For the material, adjustability, and design, the head halters on the market are extremely similar. However, some furballs will love better head halters made in nylon than those in leather (or vice versa). The adjustable size feature is also very interesting for young dogs that will grow!

Some Good Dog Head Halters!

With the previous selection factors in mind, I’ve found some interesting head collars. For your satisfaction, I still recommend you do your research and read some reviews. Nonetheless, I already selected 2 interesting dog head halters for you. I hope it will save you some time and that one of them will help you to train your buddy!

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar

This is not the most popular head halter on the market for no reason. I would probably recommend this piece of equipment for most dogs. It’s comfortable, highly adjustable, good quality and it’s awesome to have more control over almost every dog. Furthermore, it comes with full instructions and DVD training to help you use it easily and properly!

See More Information (Price, Features, Reviews…) About This Product Here! [Link Open In a New Tab]

Halti Headcollar

This is also another good pick to stop your dog from pulling the leash. The design of this product is extremely similar to the Gentle Leader. However, the Halti Header has slightly thicker bands that could make him more solid or comfortable. Furthermore, its durability doesn’t restrict this head halter to be lightweight thus ideal for both small and large dogs. It also has an on-off muzzle feature that could be very interesting for aggressive companions!

See More Information (Price, Features, Reviews…) About This Product Here! [Link Open In a New Tab]

Which One To Choose?

Whatever head collar you pick, I’m sure it will help you to walk more easily with your buddy. However, keep in mind that this product shouldn’t replace dog training. Nothing is better than hard work, patience, and perseverance to improve your companion’s behavior. Anyway, everyone that invests in dog head halters should know how to use it efficiently!

Gentle Leader Head Halter

How To Use Head Collars Properly?

Now, you should understand that safety is more about how you master head halter training than the equipment in itself. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to use them to avoid unnecessary risks or problems. I’ve found two pieces of information that you should know before using dog head halters!

Don’t Depend On This Training Gear!

The first thing to understand is to not forget that this isn’t a long-term solution. Training equipment should only help you to replace your dog’s bad habits. Otherwise, you will never build a good relationship or have more control over him. Basic dog obedience training is always necessary even if you invest in this type of harness!

Take Your Time To Introduce Your Dog To His Head Collar!

As I already told you, dogs will take time to get comfortable with new gear. Be very careful to not put the head halter on them too soon or suddenly. This could seriously traumatize your companion or even make him aggressive. So please respect his limits to avoid psychological suffering. Furthermore, it’s also important to make your dog feel good in his head collar with treats and praise!

Here’s a video to help you stop using this piece of equipment properly!

Other Safer Options To Stop Your Dog From Pulling!

Head halters aren’t perfect for every dog. Fortunately, there are many other interesting solutions to master loose-leash walking. Sometimes, it’s better to ask the right question. Instead of wondering how you can stop your dog from pulling, maybe you should look for the why of this issue. Here are the main reasons why dogs are pulling on the leash!

Things You Can Change!

  • Too Much Energy.
  • Lack Of Physical Activity.
  • Not Well-Trained.
  • Suffer From Boredom.
  • Etc.

Reasons That You Can’t Influence!

  • Dogs Are Fast Walkers.
  • To Get More Freedom.
  • They Are Excited To Walk.
  • Etc.

The best way to stop your dog from pulling on-leash is certainly with proper nutrition, exercise, and training. Moreover, it’s the most reliable solution to improve his behavior and obedience. Another relatively good option would be to invest in a no pull dog harness. [Link Open In a New Tab] Nonetheless, it’s always more interesting to teach your dog how to think with obedience or leash training instead of depending on equipment!

Here’s a video that could help you teach your dog how to stop pulling on the leash while walking!

Last Thoughts About Dog Head Halters!

In conclusion, head halters are relatively good and safe to avoid your dog from pulling on the leash during daily walks. However, this piece of equipment might not be the best solution for your situation. Besides, you shouldn’t depend on a training harness to have control over your companion. That’s why it’s better to teach him how to think instead of correcting him with power or accessories!

Labrador With Head Halters

Furthermore, dog training is essential to keep you both happy and in better shape. To enjoy dog activities like running, fetch or even hiking, basic obedience commands are necessary. I hope this article helps you understand that dog head halters are useful (but not ideal) to train your buddy. It would make me more than happy to meet you training your dog while walking with my Labrador!