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What Is Basic Obedience Training For Dogs? (+ 5 Pro Tips!)

Having a new dog is always exciting and fun. Whether it’s a puppy or an adult, your new companion will love to spend time with you. However, some dogs can be very difficult to control without proper basic obedience training. Therefore, it’s always easier and funnier to play with your furball if he’s well-trained!

Believe me, it’s not always easy to train your dog. Nonetheless, it’s not a good reason to take a canine training class or ask for help from a professional dog trainer. These two options could be useful to save time, but you can also do it on your own. Furthermore, this activity can be very fun and strengthens your bond with your dog. Now, let me share with you everything I’ve found about what is basic obedience training for dogs?

Basic Obedience Training For Dogs

This is dog training that will help you to establish more control over your companion. It principally includes the 7 basic commands (Sit, Stay, Come…) and some other skills of basic obedience training for dogs. This activity can be very fun with the right attitude. You could also improve your dog’s behavior with more advanced training!

This is probably not your only question about basic obedience training for dogs. Where or when you can start obedience training? What are the 7 basic dog commands?… These are all questions that I also wanted clear answers not a long time ago. That’s why I did some research to find all the information that I will share with you in this article. At the end of your reading, you will know everything you need about dog training to get started! (Plus 5 Awesome Tips!)

What Is Basic Obedience Training For Dogs?

It’s simply the process to analyze and improve your dog’s behavior. This is the best way to have better control over your companion for both of your well-being. You probably already have seen many dog owners that don’t know anything about dog training. That could cause difficulty to walk, play with toys, enjoy some sports and a lot of other problems!

Having any control over your furball can be very frustrating and difficult for both of you. I know this because my Labrador wasn’t well-trained not a long time ago. For my situation, it wasn’t so bad because I live in the countryside and my dog is practically free. Nonetheless, I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be if I was living in the city. That’s why basic obedience training for dogs can drastically improve both of your lives!

Where Do You Start With Dog Obedience Training?

Many people will think about taking a class or asking for help from professional dog trainers. Honestly, it’s not crucial at all, everybody can improve their dog’s behavior in the comfort of their home. Nonetheless, some help could be very interesting to save time and avoid frustration!

What’s sure is that you will need to learn the basic commands and methods somewhere. However, it doesn’t matter if you find this information in online courses, dog training classes, blogs or Youtube videos. With this article that you’re reading, you should be alright to get started!

Basic Obedience Training For Dogs

Choose The Right Method!

Before teaching anything to your dog, it’s essential to choose your training method. There are some different ways to introduce him to basic obedience training. Most dog trainers will use positive reinforcement (treats or praise), and I suggest you do the same!

Clicker training is another solution that seems to work better for some dog owners. There are plenty of other canine training techniques that use scientific, electronic or mirror solutions. (Here are 7 training methods on the Dogtime [Link Open In a New Tab] site!) Nevertheless, the better options are most of the time either positive reinforcement or clicker training!

Basic Obedience Dog Training For Beginners!

Let me share with you what obedience training for dogs includes. The first thing you should teach to your pooch is the 7 basic obedience cues or commands. This is the simplest way to get started to improve your dog behavior!

The second important step is to train him is how to live in the house (housebreaking, potty, and crate training). After that, some other things could be interesting to master like walking on a leash, establishing a routine, teaching tricks or even dog sports or games!

When Should Your Dog Start Obedience Training?

For adult dogs, there’s no better time to start than now. The sooner you start, the sooner you will enjoy your obedient companion. Nonetheless, you should consider having some items or supplies that could help you get started. With an adapted collar (or harness), leash, and some treats (or toys), you should be ready to start!

For young puppies, it’s not that simple. They have short attention spans, so it can be difficult for them to stay focused. Pups under 6 months old are too young to be introduced to formal dog training. However, you could start teaching him basic obedience commands such as «Sit» or «Stay» around 7 or 8 weeks of age!

Puppy Obedience Training

The best time to start dog training will depend on many elements like your companion’s age, energy or ability to focus. In general, the sooner is the better, but that’s not always true. Too young puppies or dogs with serious behavioral issues can need time or professional help. Now, let’s see how to get started with basic dog training!

How To Start Basic Obedience Training For Dogs?

Once you have the right equipment and your buddy is ready to learn, it’s the time to take action. Dog training is a long process that will bring you interesting skills. Unfortunately, there’s no universal way to master obedience dog training. (It would be too easy!) Every companion has different needs and abilities concerning his learning. Therefore, you need to adapt your technique to your dog’s conditions!

With the right information, some time and hard work, every dog owner can train his companion. To help you succeed, there are many things that you should know. Whatever training method you choose, the number one rule is to respect your dog. Apart from that, basic dog training is all about common sense and perseverance!

4 Qualities That Good Dog Trainers Have In Common!

Before going further, you should know what types of people succeed in dog training. Normally, expert dog trainers have specific skills that help them do their job. Therefore, having some qualities could help a lot to train your dog. Otherwise, you can always work on your weaknesses to become a better canine owner. Here are some common qualities interesting to master basic obedience for dogs!

Obedience Training For Young Dogs


Training your dog will take a lot of time. Some companions won’t improve their behaviors as fast as dog trainers want. However, it’s essential to invest your time in this activity to eventually succeed. Therefore, patience is one of the most important qualities to train your dog on your own!


To train your companion well, communication is crucial. Nonetheless, it’s not easy at all to understand an animal that you can’t speak with. That’s why you will need to find original ways to be communicative. (Signs, Voice Cues, etc.) Besides, knowing your dog well is the best way to avoid any problem of comprehension!


Caring about the health and well-being of your dog is also good to train him. That way you will always be looking for better options for both of you. If you care about your furball, you won’t have any difficulty training him. Moreover, showing compassion with him is awesome to create a good bond and make your dog happier!

Crazy. (Dog Lover)

This might seem weird, but it’s probably the most efficient one. The crazier you are, the better your dog will listen to you. With his attention, your basic obedience training will be way more fun and effective. Therefore, you shouldn’t be shy to let you go and be crazy during your dog training sessions!

Happy Dog Trained

Preparation Is The Key!

Like with any other activity, preparation is the key to success. Before starting dog training there are some ways to prepare your companion. For example, healthy and happy pooches are normally more likely to enjoy training. Let’s see how you can prepare your dog for his basic obedience training!


You should prepare your dog by desensitizing him to the most possible distractions. (Especially if he’s young!) In other words, you should make him comfortable with loud noises, other dogs, wild animals, strangers, etc. This is extremely interesting to avoid unnecessary interruptions while training your dog!

Healthy Lifestyle!

I just want you to keep in mind that your dog’s well-being it’s in your hands. That’s why you need to fulfill his needs with proper nutrition, mental stimulation, and exercise. Bored or unhealthy dogs are rarely easy to train anyway. Therefore, remember that your dog’s health is proprietary to his obedience training!

7 Basic Obedience Dog Commands!

Basic voice cues are the first things you should teach your dog. Normally, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make your dog «Sit» or «Stay». With some patience, treats, and training, anybody can teach the basic obedience dog commands. Here are the 7 essential voice cues that every companion should understand!

Obedience Training Poodle Dog
  • Sit.
  • Look At Me.
  • Stay. 
  • Come.
  • Leave It.
  • Down or Lay Down.
  • Your Dog’s Name.

These are all very important to keep control of your dog. Teaching him all these commands can take a lot of time. Moreover, make sure to don’t ask too much to your buddy to keep obedience training effective and pleasant for him. I won’t explain to you every voice cue in this article. However, I’ve found a good video that could help you get started!

You can also read this article from the Cesar’s Way site on 5 of the essential commands! [Link Open In a New Tab]

What Is Advanced Obedience Training For Dogs?

To go farther in dog training, you will need to find a specialization. Whether it’s for teaching your companion fun tricks or to enjoy agility courses, it will take advanced training. There are also more commands than the 7 basic ones. However, it’s not always necessary to teach them to your dog!

Besides, there are voice cues for specific working or sporting dogs. You can teach your dog more advanced commands for roughly anything. For example, some canine owners teach their furballs the name of their toys. After that, they could even teach them how to go take them to play. Therefore, dogs can learn to do many useful things with voice commands!

Examples of Advanced Obedience Commands!

Woman Have Fun Training Dog
  • No. (Stop What He’s Doing)
  • Off. (Get Off Of Something)
  • «Place». (Go To Specific Places)
  • Quiet. (Stop Barking Or Be Silent)
  • Take It. (Take The Ball or Toy)
  • Specific Game Commands.
  • Running Or Canicross Cues.
  • Dog Agility Commands.
  • Fun Tricks. (Play Dead, Roll Over, Etc.)
  • Etc.

5 Tips To Start Basic Obedience Training For Dogs!

Now, you should be ready to start improving your dog’s behavior. By the way, it won’t be easy to train your dog even if you’re well prepared. Nonetheless, some preparation is always interesting to have better results faster. That’s why I would like to give you some pieces of advice. Here are 5 tips that every dog owner should know about basic obedience canine training!

  • Use Rewards That Your Dog Loves! (Treats, Praise, Toys…)
  • Start With Short Training Sessions! (Less Than 15 Minutes)
  • Understand Your Companion’s Language! (Know Him Well)
  • Respect Your Dog’s Limits And Conditions! 
  • Don’t Forget To Have Fun! (Positive Attitude)

Last Thoughts About Basic Obedience Training For Dogs!

Now it’s time to go outside to train your dog and have fun. Don’t rush dog training commands, it won’t help. Teach him one thing at the time to not ask too much effort from your buddy. With all the information and resources that you have, you’re ready to improve your basic dog obedience training skills!

Dog Ready For Obedience Training

You just have to give you time, work hard, don’t give up, and you can do everything you want to. It’s impressive how dog training can improve your communication and bond with your furry friend. I hope this article helps you understand what is basic obedience training for dogs. Now, I would love to see you have more control over your pooch at the dog park in a few weeks or months!