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Are Pit Bulls Good Running Partners?

Many people fear Pit Bulls because of their size and musculature, but these dogs are extremely nice. For those who own one of these types of breed, you understand that they are very friendly. Pit Bulls also have a lot of energy to spend by playing and running every day. That’s why regular exercise is required to keep them busy, healthy, and happy!

Pit Bulls Running Partners

Daily walks (or runs) are recommended for your companion. If you’re an active person, running with your dog is very interesting for you. I recently questioned myself: Are Pit Bulls good running partners? Let’s look at some interesting information I found on these massive dogs’ suitability to run!

Pit Bulls can be good short-distance running partners. With their impressive muscles for medium dogs, they can sprint faster than many other breeds. Running around 2 or 3 miles will be perfect for them. Pit Bulls don’t have good stamina and aren’t suitable for long jogs, marathons or cross country. However, they can enjoy brisk sprints!

Let’s see what you should look before you go on trails with your dog!

Pit Bulls’ Athletic Characteristics!

Did you know that there were a lot of breeds that are considered Pit Bulls? Yes, these dogs are American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bullies, and Staffordshire Terriers. American Bulldogs can also be included in this category sometimes. I have another article that will help you understand if your Bulldog is suitable or not to run with you. Now, let’s analyze the physical conditions of Pit Bulls!

Pit Bulls Running Partners

These strong, bulky, and square-shaped dogs are known as fighting breeds. Even if they are cuter and nicer than they look, these animals are built to attack other dogs and defend themselves. Not long ago, these massive pets were bred to fight or to hunt large animals!

With this in mind, you can understand more why their height is about 17 to 21 inches (43-53 cm) and their weight is around 30 to 60 pounds (13-27 kg). Pit Bulls are very active and playful, so you need to give them a lot of physical activity. Generally, they will need around 30 to 45 minutes of exercise every day!

If you don’t give your dog that much playtime, he could have serious behavior issues. These muscular furballs are also very fast runners, but can’t keep that pace for long-distance runs. They can run up to 25-30 mph (40-48 km/h), so these animals are very good sprinters. It’s important to know that Pit Bulls don’t have good stamina to not over-exercise them!

What Characteristics Have a Good Running Partner?

Not every breed is very interesting to run with! Some physical conditions can restrict your companion to run with you. Sometimes your furry friend simply needs some adapted exercise such as shorter or slower jogs. However, let’s see if your Pit Bull is the perfect companion to jog with!


The origin of your pet can tell you a lot about his attitude or physical abilities. I found really interesting information and facts about my dog when I researched about his breed. Pit Bulls were used for fighting or hunting, so that’s a good sign to run with them. This can explain why they are so strong, fast and high-energy companions! 


Normally medium-sized dogs are better running partners. Ultra-small or giant pets usually have issues with sports like jogging. The size of your Pit Bull is very likely to make him suitable to run. With their medium size of 17 to 21 inches (43-53 cm) is good for their structure and ideal for intense sports!

Physical Features.

Some dogs have other characteristics that could restrict them from running. For example, double-coated dogs can’t tolerate running in extreme heat. By the way, Pit Bulls don’t tolerate very well intense exercise in hot or cold temperatures. Nonetheless, the only essential running capacity for long-distance these companions don’t have is stamina!

Pit Bull Running On Trails

Can You Run With Your Pit Bull?

Having a lot of energy doesn’t mean that your companion is suitable to run. Pit Bulls can be a very good jogging partner, but not all dogs can run safely. Their breed shouldn’t be a problem, but some other things could restrict them to try intense physical activities. Here are the things to look at before you go running with your buddy!


Any unhealthy animal should start any kind of intense sport. Running can be very good for pets and humans. Nevertheless, this activity can be bad for dogs or people with health problems. Unfortunately, Pit Bulls are susceptible to many health issues or conditions!

Their playfulness could cause them knee complications, hip dysplasia or other structural problems. These are some health issues that could restrict your companion to run safely. That’s why it’s always recommended to see a vet before you introduce your furball to jogging!


Many people think that running is the best solution to lose weight. However, dogs with extra pounds aren’t suitable to run with you. Lower intense activities or sports are way more appropriate to make your Pit Bull more fit and healthy. Putting your buddy on a diet could be a better idea to regulate his weight than running!


Your companion also needs some energy to go on trails. Most Pit Bulls won’t have problems with that. However, not every dog has the desire to jog with you. Please respect the limits of your pet and consider enjoying lower energy activities!

So, Are Pit Bulls Suitable To Run?

Yes, you can run with a healthy Pit Bull. This breed can be surprisingly excellent jogging partners. You just need to make sure he’s able to keep up with you and don’t hurt himself while running. Almost every dog can jog with their owner if the activity is adapted to their conditions!

Are Pit Bulls Good Running Partners?

These massive companions can not be good at any type of physical activity. Their strength, speed, and structure make them very interesting for a short distance. Brisk walks or runs can be awesome to exercise your Pit Bull daily!

How Long Should You Run With Your Pit Bull?

These breeds can run around 1 to 2 miles (2-3 km) without too much training. Your companion will enjoy more short brisk runs than any other type of running. You could train yourself to become a better sprinter!

Can Pit Bulls Run Long Distances?

These colossal dogs won’t be able to finish a marathon. However, it’s possible to train Pit Bulls for jogging up to 3 to 4 miles (5-6 km). Make sure to always respect your companion’s conditions and don’t over-exercise him!

Pit Bull Running In Snow

Signs such as heavy panting, sluggishness, difficulty keeping up, and any other unusual attitude should make you stop running. Too much exercising could cause pain, serious injuries, and possibly death to your buddy!

I’m sure you don’t want any of this to happen to your companion because of you. Start smooth and increase slowly you run intensity to find the perfect distance and pace for both of you!

Other Interesting Activities or Sports For Pit Bulls!

As a Pit Bull owner, you should know that your dog likes running, chewing and digging. There are so many activities or games that allow your buddy to do this. For digging, you should provide them with a place to or a digging box to satisfy this need. Let’s see some other fun things to do with your Pit Bull!

Tug-of-War or Spring Pole.

Tug-of-War toy is a rope that you and your dog pull at the same time. Make sure you play it safe to keep control of your companion. An alternative is the spring pole that allows your buddy to play Tug-of-War alone!

Flirt Pole.

This game is very interesting for lazy dog owners. This toy is a long light stick with a rope and there’s a lure at the tip of it. That can be perfect to exercise your furball in a small place!


Playing to fetch is also a nice way to entertain your Pit Bull. This breed like short brisk runs and this activity is perfect for that. You will love to play fetch with your buddy. You could also play that game with other Pit Bulls or dogs!

Pit Bull Running Around


Do you already enjoy playing fetch with your furry friend? Frisbee could be a way to learn a new dog sport. This isn’t easy at the start, but it’s very fun to play this activity with your companion. With some practice, your Pit Bull could become a professional Frisbee player!

Try New Things!

There are many other interesting things to do with your pet such as dog agility, hiking, puzzle toys, etc. If you don’t like running, that’s not a reason to not exercise your dog. Trying many activities will allow you to find the perfect way to exercise your Pit Bull!

Things To Know Before Running With Pit Bulls!

I still have some advice before you run with your Pit Bull. Running with your companion isn’t very complicated, but there are some things you need to be aware of. Did you know that preparation is the key to jogging with your buddy successfully? That’s why you can’t just go on trails without some warnings and tips. Here’s the information you must have to run your Pit Bull safely!

No Off-Leash.

Many dog owners like to let their dog free during their run. Your furry friend could appreciate this opportunity, but it’s not 100% safe. There is always a risk that your companion could face another pet or any other things you don’t control. Don’t forget that Pit Bulls have a fighting instinct with other dogs. This could lead to some bad surprises, that’s why I wouldn’t take this chance!


Your running companion can’t run with you when it’s too hot or too cold. Pit Bulls don’t tolerate extreme temperatures very well. Intense activities over 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21°C) can be bad for your Pit Bull. With their short coat, these dogs shouldn’t go out when the temperature is under 45°C. Make sure the weather is safe before running with your dog!


Puppies aren’t suitable for intense dog sports. Whatever the breed your furball is, you can’t run with him until he’s fully grown. Pit Bulls normally take around 12 to 18 months before they reach their full height. Some pups can take more than two years before their bones stop growing. The sooner you can start running with your puppy is around 1 or 2 years depending on many elements!

Puppy Pit Bull

Other Things To Know!

There is some more specific advice such as the gear, frequency, and ways to teach your Pit Bull how to jog. You can learn all this information in a complete guide to run with your dog! AKC has also plenty of running tips for you!

Last Thoughts About Running With Pit Bulls!

Finally, jogging is a great activity for your both you and your companion. Not only Pit Bulls are good running partners for brisk and short runs, but that’s ideal for them. They will enjoy this intense physical activity and motivate you to workout. You both will benefit from many advantages of running!

Pit Bull Waiting To Run

I love to run with my Labrador. You could do the same with your Pit Bull. I hope you have a lot of fun during your daily exercise. I hope to meet you on the trails with a large smile on your face. Don’t forget that this is a fun activity and to enjoy every run with your buddy!