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Running With A Boxer Dog | Everything You Should Know!

The boxer is among the most popular dog breeds in the United States. You can understand easily that their high energy, playfulness, and loyalty convince many people to choose them. Boxer owners will approve that these dogs run a lot when it’s time to play.

This strong, protective, and good working dog can be an amazing companion. With all these characteristics, I thought that Boxers were very good jogging partners. Recently, I started my research to know if you can take your Boxer running? Let’s see what I’ve found and if this sport can be bad for your dog!

Boxer Take Running

Yes, you can take your Boxer running with you. Their bursts of speed make them perfect companions for fast runners over short distances. Well-trained Boxers can also be interesting jogging partners for medium to long distances. These dogs love to run and will enjoy keeping you company during your brisk sprints or any type of running! 

Boxers Exercise Needs!

Like many dogs, this breed has a lot of energy to spend. Too many dog owners don’t exercise enough with their companions. Some very active people could over-exercise their buddies and increase the risks of health issues or injuries. Let’s see how much exercise your Boxer needs to be healthy and happy!

Boxer Exercising In Grass

Age Matters When It’s Time To Exercise Your Dog!

In the first 12 weeks of his life, your Boxer should stay inside and enjoy very low-energy activities. After 12 to 15 weeks of age, you could start safely to open your puppy to the outdoor world! (You should make sure that your pup receives some vaccines with your vet.)

Puppies Boxers should not have more than one walk per day. (Up to 15 minutes) This may seem like nothing, but you can still enjoy lower-energy games or activities. You need to be very careful with over-exercising a puppy while he’s not fully grown. This can impede growth or even cause permanent injuries or health issues!

Puppy Boxer Sit

When your Boxer is over one year old, you can slowly increase their exercise time or intensity. This dog breed needs a daily fast and short walk. Puppies should be OK with a brisk walk of around 20 minutes every day. More than that could be too much for them!

Adult Boxer Exercise Needs!

Adult Boxers should have at least one daily fast walk between 30 and 45 minutes. Two walks a day for this fully grown breed would be fine. All that general information could vary with your dog’s personality, any health issue, or even the temperature. Make sure you adapt your dog’s exercising time to the conditions!

Once they are considered adults, you can consider more intense training such as running. Boxers are natural athletes and will enjoy fast and short runs or walks. You should start introducing them slowly to jogging if you like this sport. After some practice, Boxers should be able to run around 2 to 3 times a week! (Or more with training and experience!)

When Do Boxers Are Fully Grown and Considered As Adults?

As I told you sooner, you need to wait until they are fully grown for intense activities. Serious running could be dangerous for your puppy Boxer!

Normally medium-sized dogs are considered adults around 12 months of age. Unfortunately, Boxers have one of the longest growth times. They are fully grown only after 2 to 3 years old. This is crucial to wait at least 1 or 2 years before starting running with your buddy!

Learn more about your Boxer exercise needs!

Boxers’ Athletic Characteristics Interesting To Take Them Running!

Originally bred as guard companions, Boxers are strong, fast, and well-suited for families. As working group buddies, they love to try new things with dog training. These high-energy dogs could be very interesting as running partners to enjoy more physical activity. Moreover, they have good athletic capacities for this sport. Let’s see what makes them suitable to run with you!

Boxer Good Running Partner

Boxers Are Strong Dogs!

With a weight of around 65-80 pounds (30-36 kg), Boxer is one of the strongest dog breeds. War, cattle, and police dogs, their musculatures are very impressive. They need intense and brisk exercise principally because of these muscles. Their large structures are also among the main reasons they take soo long to be fully grown!

Boxers Are Fast Sprinters!

Did you know that Boxers can run up to 38-45 miles (60-72 km/h) per hour? That’s very impressive for such a strong dog. Fortunately, your buddy probably won’t go that fast during your runs. Therefore, their speed can make Boxers awesome sprinting partners for experienced runners!

Can You Take Your Boxer Running?

Almost any Boxer should be able to run with their owner, His physical structure makes him a good choice to run. Their strength, agility, and speed are ideal for shorter runs. Like any other dog, you need to adapt your runs to your buddy’s conditions!

Boxer Taking For Running

What Makes A Good Dog To Run With?

These are many characteristics that make a dog suitable for running. You should be aware that not all dogs can run safely. However, there’s almost always an adapted solution to run with your companion. Here are what characteristics you should analyze before running with your Boxer!

Things like too small or large size, physical features, bad structure, low energy, no desire, and many other elements could restrict your dog from running. Boxers are medium-sized, high energy, and have a solid structure as adults!

You should also make sure that your Boxer is in good health and shape. Even if he’s looking alright, your pooch could have some medical restrictions to run. That’s why it’s highly recommended to visit your vet before taking your Boxer running with you! (Fragile dogs with joint issues such as hip/elbow dysplasia or arthritis should try swimming instead of running!)

Main Elements To Be Suitable To Run!

The main things you should be very careful about with this breed are their age, health, short nose, and desire to run. Wait until they are around 2 years to start intense dog sports. Moreover, Boxers are brachycephalic (short-nosed) which makes them struggle with breathing well and regulating their temperature. You should be very careful with this respiratory problem while running!

Normally, you shouldn’t have any issue with the desire to run from your Boxer. This dog breed loves to run, but there are always some exceptions. Make sure your companion wants to run before introducing him to this dog sport! 

There are other things you should consider before running with your Boxer. As working dogs, they are relatively easy companions to train. Make sure your buddy knows basic training commands before you start running with them!

What About Your Running Goals?

Your goals are another element you need to consider for this activity. If you want to run a marathon, a Boxer isn’t the right dog for this discipline. In this case, you could train yourself for this goal and run shorter distances with your dog. Just make sure to not over-exercise your Boxer with too long runs!

There are so many elements to consider before starting an intense sport with a dog that a visit to your vet could be very useful. Make sure your Boxer is suitable to run before trying any serious running with him!

Boxer On Leash Ready To Run or Walk

What Type Of Running Are Boxers Good At?

As I told you many times, Boxers are made for short brisk runs. Sprints under 1 or 2 miles (2-3 km) could be the best option for this dog breed. These strong and massive animals aren’t suitable for long-distance jogging. Their physical strength, speed, and high energy make them very good sprinters!

Short-nosed (brachycephalic) dogs such as Bulldogs, Mastiffs, Pugs, Boxers, and many others are normally not suitable for running. Boxers are exceptions because they have the ideal size, energy, and musculature. However, these dogs can’t breathe well especially when they are exercising. That’s restricting them to regulate their temperature efficiently. Therefore, long-distance runs aren’t safe for this type of dog!

Can Boxers Run Long Distances?

With some training and experience, a Boxer could run longer distances. You could carefully increase your running distance to build more stamina for your dog. However, you should never do more than 3 to 4 miles (5-6 km) runs with this dog breed. Assure you that your Boxer is alright to jog long distances with you!

What Are The Dangers of Running Too Long Distance?

Before you try to push your buddy too hard, be aware of the possible consequences. The first very dangerous risk for your companion is heatstroke or overheating. (Could be deadly) Brachycephalic breeds are very likely to overheat especially on hot days. They have a serious respiratory issue that you need to understand and respect!

Boxer Ready To Play And Run

There are some other risks to running long distances with your Boxer. Without enough training or experience, you could simply hurt your dog. Over-exercising your running partner could cause him paws, joints, or muscle injuries! 

5 Things To Know Before To Take Your Boxer Running!

Now that you know your Boxer is suitable for brisk and short runs, you need more information about this activity. If you think about jogging with your furry friend seriously, you need to do it safely. I’m personally practicing this sport with my dog, and that’s not always easy to start. Here are some personal and professional tips I’ve found with my research or discovered with my experience!

Train Your Boxer Early!

Working dogs can be very obedient if they are well-trained. The sooner you teach them basic commands, the easier it will be to start running. Dog training is a very fun activity to try with puppies until they are ready for more intense sports!

Boxer Ready For Running

Preparation Is The Key To Run With Your Boxer Safely!

Like anything, the more prepared you are, the easier it will be. It’s the same thing for your buddy. He needs some preparation before running. The best way to prepare your dog is through regular walks. Once he has become a good walking partner, you can introduce him to short runs. Alternating a walking cadence with jogging is an awesome way to improve your dog’s stamina faster!

Take Several Breaks For Your Running Companion!

Make sure your Boxer is well hydrated before, during, and after any intense activity. With their respiratory problem, this dog breed will need more breaks than many other furry runners. Make sure to give plenty of water, snacks, and rest pauses to your Boxer! 

Run With Your Boxer At The Right Temperature!

Not every weather is safe for your buddy. Their difficulty to regulate their body temperature increases the risks of overheating. That’s why you should consider lower-intensity activities during hot days. Around over 68 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius, it begins to be relatively hot to run for Boxers!

Their short fur won’t make them suitable to run in cooler climates either. Nonetheless, you should be able to run with this dog breed when it’s around 40°F (5°C) for a short period. Make sure your dog can go outside before taking him for a run!

Boxer Ready To Run In Snow

Pay Attention To Your Dog!

The best advice to run safely is simply to look at your Boxer. I often see people with earphones running with their dogs without ever checking if their companion is OK. That’s a very bad habit to not pay attention to your buddy. Be aware that your dog will make you a sign if there’s something wrong or he needs a break. Therefore, make sure your Boxer is in top shape before, during, and after your runs!

Bonus Tip: Have Fun!

My last piece of advice is to enjoy every activity with your buddy. Running with your Boxer can be difficult at the start. However, you can still have fun during this learning/teaching! My dog and I enjoy regular runs together. I hope you will find a sport to stay healthy, and happy and spend quality time with your doggie!

Discover more running tips to enjoy that sport with your Boxer in my article 21 dos and don’ts to run with your dog or on the AKC site! [Second Link Opens In a New Tab]

Last Thoughts About Running With Boxers!

In conclusion, you can bring your Boxer running. The most important thing is to know your dog’s limits before getting started. Boxers are suitable for intense effort, but not for a long time! Their speed, muscle, and origin make them very good sprinters. Be careful with long-distance, these dogs need a lot of training to build good stamina!

As a team always make sure your buddy is OK to keep up with you. I hope this reading helps you learn how to run safely with your Boxer. I wish you to have as much fun as my dog and I while running!

Maybe similar sports such as canicross, hiking, or biking with your boxer could also be very fun to consider. These are all canine sports that will help you provide your furry friend with proper exercise. I hope you will both be able to enjoy physical activity together to stay healthy and happy!