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5 Things You Should Do If a Coyote Attacks Your Dog!

Living in the countryside has many advantages, especially for canine owners. On the other hand, the great outdoors can also be quite dangerous for your furry companion. Coyote attacks, porcupine quills, or other wild animal dangers are simply some risks that your dog is prone to. That’s why you must know how to react if something like that happens to him!

Coyote Attacks Dog

Some breeds will love to live outside, but it exposes them to more dangers. If you’re reading this article you probably hear coyote howls from time to time. Dogs usually want to protect their family by barking or howling back at them. Nonetheless, did you ever ask yourself if wild predators can be dangerous for them? I recently had this reflection, so I did a little bit of research about what you should do if a coyote attacks your dog!

The first thing you should do is to stay calm, make yourself large, and try to scare the coyote. This predator attacks directly to kill, so you must act fast. Don’t try to harm or kill the wild animal; it’s too dangerous. Instead, you should try some methods to scare him away. Then, take your dog directly to the vet if he’s injured!

Now, you might want to avoid this nightmare scenario from happening to you. Hopefully, there are some ways to prevent coyotes from attacking your dog. However, you should still be ready for this type of situation. Therefore, it could be useful to know how to protect him and what are the best ways to scare the predator. At the end of your reading, you will know everything you need to act properly if a coyote attacks your dog!

Are Coyotes Dangerous To Dogs?

In general, coyotes don’t attack large dogs, but it’s not impossible. They could be seen as competitors, so wild animals won’t be scared to defend their territories. For smaller dogs (or cats), coyotes are very dangerous. You probably have already heard some stories or have seen shocking videos of small pets getting attacked by these predators. Unfortunately, coyotes can easily see our loved four-legged companions as prey!

Learn more about coyote attacks on dogs!

Therefore, coyotes can be a serious danger to dogs. That’s why it’s important to know how to react if you encounter one while walking your buddy. The simple fact that you’re with him won’t always scare the predator. Furthermore, he could also be dangerous for you if you don’t react properly!

Statistics About Coyote Attacks On Pets!

Just to give you an idea, there were 70 coyote attacks on dogs occurred between 1990 and 2004 in the Chicago metropolitan area according to an article from [Link Open In a New Tab]. In this research, smaller breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers or Shih Tzus were more often attacked than medium or large dogs. Moreover, this article also reports that these assaults can happen in your backyard (even if you’re there) as well as while you’re walking your dog at the park!

What Happens If a Coyote Attacks or Bites Your Dog?

Unfortunately, coyote attacks on dogs can be fatal. These predators are very effective when they attack their prey because they are aiming directly to kill. Thus, coyote bites can cause serious damage to your companion. Without proper care, his injuries could get worse, spread certain diseases, or even be fatal. That’s why you should directly take your dog to the vet if a wild animal bites or attacks him!

Coyote Attacks Small Dog

You should also think about your own safety. If your dog is bitten or attacked by a wild (or unvaccinated) animal, he could expose you to some viruses such as rabies. According to this article from the Dogtipper blog [Open In a New Tab], it’s highly recommended to wear gloves if you handle your dog after he has been attacked. He should already be vaccinated for this type of virus, but you’re probably not!

What Should You Do If a Coyote Attacks Your Dog?

The problem isn’t the coyotes. It’s people that don’t know how to react if they encounter them. These wild animals can be impressive, but they are quite easy to understand. Without the right approach, you could put your dog’s life (or maybe yours) in danger. There are some things that every canine owner should know about coyote attacks!

5 Things You Should Do If Your Dog Is Attacked By Coyotes!

Coyote attacks are effective, so you will need to act fast. However, there are some things you can do if you encounter this type of wild animal to avoid any injury. If the coyote decides to charge, it might already be too late to react. Otherwise, you will have a few seconds to scare the predator. Thus, the ideal solution would be to “haze” the wild animal before he attacks. Here are 5 things to do if you encounter a coyote with your dog!

Leash Your Dog.

You should always keep your companion on a leash especially if he’s not fully obedient. Moreover, off-leash pets are more likely to pick the interest of wild predators. As soon as you see a coyote, you must have full control over your dog. You could even take him in your hands if it’s possible. Otherwise, he could engage with the wild animal and put his life in danger!

That’s one reason why obedience training is so important. However, being able to grab your dog might be more efficient than vocal commands in unusual and risky situations. If you’re facing a coyote, the lift handle on the Ruffwear Webmaster (my favorite dog harness) could be extremely useful to keep your dog near you and under control! (Check out this essential adventure gear on Amazon!)

Don’t Run.

Many people will have the instinct to start running away from the coyote. Unfortunately, this is probably the most dangerous thing that you can do if you encounter this type of predator. This reaction is very likely to make him chase you because of his high prey drive. Furthermore, coyotes can run up to 40 mph, so you basically have no chance to outrun them!

Stay Calm, But Assertive.

Please don’t panic if you encounter a coyote. Keep in mind that most wild animals are scared of people. That’s why you want to stay assertive to reinforce their fear of humans. Keep eye contact to show the predator that you’re not afraid of him. Your simple presence (with confidence) could be enough to chase away the coyote!

Be Large.

For more curious predators, you will want to scare them to save your dog. Making yourself as large as possible could be an excellent strategy. For example, you could hold your jacket above your head to scare the coyote. The bigger you seem, the more likely you will make him run away!

Make Some Noise.

Another way to make the predator feel unsafe is to be very noisy. Simply yelling at the coyote could be enough to scare him. In this article from the Preventive Vet site [Link Open In a New Tab], they also suggest to shake your keys or clap your hands. Loud noises will make most wild animals go away from you! 

Other Ways To Avoid Coyote Attacks!

Being calm, big, and loud isn’t always enough to scare the predator. Fortunately, there are some other ways to chase him away. Running towards him while making a lot of noises will certainly make the coyote feel unsafe, but don’t go too close to him because he could always charge you. To stay far from the wild animal, you could also throw rocks, wood sticks, or anything else you can find at his feet!

Be Careful With Coyotes That Are Cornered, Injured, or With Pups!

Sometimes, trying to scare the coyote might not be an excellent idea. If they feel any danger for them or their family, they will certainly attack. Therefore, make sure to not provoke wild animals if they are cornered, injured, or too confident. In these cases, simply maintain eye contact and slowly walk away from them!

Wild Animals Will Always Protect Their Kids!

Between February and July, coyotes could have pups in their den. Their protective instinct could make them more aggressive around this time especially if you’re in or near their territory. In this period of the year, the methods presented sooner in this article might be worthless. If the coyote is too confident, you need to go slowly away from him without ever turning your back to him!

Here’s an excellent sum up video on how you should act if you encounter a coyote!

How To Protect Your Dog From Coyote Attacks?

Now, you finally know how to react if you encounter a coyote while walking your dog. But is there any solution to prevent this type of situation? Hopefully, there are some ways to protect our beloved furry friends from predators. Urban or wild coyotes can be anywhere, so you should seriously take some precautions to ensure your dog’s safety!

5 Ways To Prevent Your Dog To Get Attacked By Coyotes!

My parents always told me that “prevention is always better than cure”. This is especially true when your companion’s life is at stake. As I already told you, the risk that he encounters a coyote isn’t only while walking in the woods. It could also happen in your backyard or at the dog park. Therefore, you will need to make sure that your dog is safe everywhere he goes!

Coyote-Proof Your Fence!

Without proper fencing, your dog is at high risk of coyote attacks. The ideal backyard protection against coyote attacks would be to secure your fence. If it’s solid, over 6-feet tall, and at least 18 inches under the ground, your dog should be safe in the backyard. You could also put barbed wire, PVC tubing, or coyote rollers (check out this coyote roller kit on Amazon) at the top of your fence to make your yard even more secure according to the AKC blog! [Link Open In a New Tab]

Unfortunately, even the most secure fence won’t protect your dog at 100% from coyote attacks. These predators are extremely agile and good diggers. Thus, they might still be able to find a way to go in your backyard, but most of them won’t. Just so you know, an invisible fence won’t be an excellent idea. It will allow coyotes to go on your propriety without any effort, plus your dog won’t have anywhere to escape! 

Always Pay Attention To Your Dog!

You should always keep an eye on your companion when he’s outside. Whether it’s in your backyard or at the dog park don’t let him without any supervision. This is not only important to protect your buddy from coyote attacks but also from any other potential danger. He will have better chances to stay safe if you’re always there to protect him. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to your dog!

Another thing that could be interesting to invest in is an outdoor light (just like this security light I’ve found on Amazon). Typically active at night, coyotes are more likely to attack your dog when it’s dark outside. That’s why you should be able to keep an eye on him at dusk. Otherwise, you won’t be able to protect your companion from a danger that you can’t even see!

Just make sure you have a light that allows you to observe your dog when he’s outside. For late or early walks, you could bring a flashlight not only to see where you’re going but also to scare the coyotes!

Coyote Prepare To Attack

Keep Your Dog On-Leash!

As I already told you, your simple presence could chase away the coyote. Moreover, off-leash dogs are easy prey for wild animals because there’s nobody to protect them. Even if your dog is extremely well-trained, being on-leash is always safer for him. As long as you have complete control over him, you can ensure his safety!

Without any leash, it can be extremely difficult to protect your companion from getting attacked by coyotes. Moreover, not all types of leashes are very effective to keep control over him. Short and sturdy leashes (not retractable) are the best to ensure his safety. My favorite option for everyday walking and outdoor adventures is the Front Range Dog Leash made By Ruffwear. (Check it out on Amazon!)

Let’s be honest, if you encounter a wild predator while walking your dog without any control over the situation, it might end badly. That’s why it’s highly recommended to always keep him on a leash, especially in places where it’s likely to encounter coyotes or any other dangerous animal!

Don’t Attract Coyotes With Food Or Garbage!

Wild animals aren’t likely to come around your house without any reason. Predators have an excellent sense of smell that will guide them to find something to eat. Therefore, things such as dog food or garbage will certainly attract wildlife. Even empty bowls can pick the curiosity of coyotes. In other words, don’t give any motivation for predators to hang out around your propriety!

Walk Your Dog At The Right Place & Time!

Some places are more attractive to coyotes than others. In general, these predators can be found in underbrush, brushes, plains, forests, mountains, or even deserts. However, they are slowly adapting to urban living conditions simply because there’s less and less countryside available. As you know, coyotes are quite afraid of humans. Thus, you might want to walk your dog in busy areas to avoid these wild animals!

Even if you can encounter a coyote at any time of the day, they are more active at nighttime. It shouldn’t make you afraid to walk with your companion at dusk. However, you must be aware you will be more likely to face a wild predator at this time. That’s why I highly recommend you avoid taking your dog out when the sun is down!

You should also be very careful if you and your dog enjoy outdoor sports such as camping or hiking together. It can be very fun, but the risks to encounter wild animals are higher if you hang out where they live!

Last Thoughts About Coyote Attacks In Dogs!

Finally, coyotes can be dangerous for both dogs and humans without proper reaction. Don’t forget that wild animals only want to survive, so they won’t hesitate to attack either you or your buddy if it seems necessary to them or their family. However, I’m sure we can still live in peace with wildlife. After all, they are as important as we are for our ecosystem!

Urban Coyote In The Street

On the other hand, it’s not a good reason to let them take our four-legged companions as prey. Simple precautions will seriously decrease their risk of being within easy reach to predators. I hope this article helps you understand what you should do if a coyote attacks your dog. I wish none of us will have to experience this, but at least you will be ready to react properly if it occurs!