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Is Not Walking Your Dog Abuse? 

It’s easy to feel guilty when you don’t get to walk your dog every day of the week. The guilty feeling is normal, because you love your dog, and even dog experts encourage taking your four-legged friend on walks at least once a day. However, sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t have time.

As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to care for your pet. But is not walking your dog considered abuse? 

Skipping a walk from time to time is OK. But not walking your dog at all can be considered neglect or abuse because exercise is essential for his health and well-being. Without regular walks, dogs might get bored, overweight, and unhappy. So not walking your dog is not caring for him properly.

Dog Walk Leash

Is it Cruel to Not Walk Your Dog? 

It’s not necessarily cruel not to walk your dog. However, it becomes cruel and abusive if you know he needs to walk and you ignore it. And most dogs do need daily walks unless you find other ways to exercise. So walking your dog regularly is your responsibility. It will make you both healthier and happier.

Essentially, there’s no polar answer to this question – it all depends on context. Some contexts include; Does your dog need to be walked at all? Will your dog find it stressful? Does your dog need to be walked every day? 

So, before judging, let’s explore some things you should know about taking dogs on walks. Then, you’ll be able to answer the question on your own. 

Walking Your Dog

There’s a whole spectrum of preferences, natural tendencies, and other conditions to consider when you own a dog. You become a bad owner if you don’t study your dog to figure out what he needs and likes. For instance, some dogs love being active, while others act more like couch potatoes. 

Either way, keep in mind that all dogs need some form of exercise to stay healthy and happy. It doesn’t have to be walking. But it’s an excellent moderate physical activity for both dogs and humans. That’s why you should do it.

Here are a few things to consider before taking your dog on a walk.

Age, Weight & Breed

If your dog is overweight, small, elderly, or a young pooch, it may not enjoy long walks that require much energy. Too much walking can be harmful. Some dogs might get enough exercise from strolling around the yard and playing with you. 

There’s a general rule that puppies shouldn’t walk more than 5 minutes per month of their age, up to twice a day. So, if your dog is six months old, you shouldn’t walk more than 30 minutes at a time. 

Quality Of The Walk

Remember the quote that says “it’s not how far; it’s how well,” right? The same applies to dogs. Beyond the fact that walks can be good for your dog’s health, they should also get to see new things and experience the outdoor life as you explore the streets. 

Walking is pretty straightforward. But you can still do some things to enhance your dog walks. For example, you can let your dog sniff and explore the surroundings for more mental stimulation. You can also alternate walking and playing fetch. Then, hiking is another option to consider if your dog is strong enough.

All these activities are good ways to upgrade your walks. However, the most important rule here is that it must be in moderation to avoid stress and fatigue. Don’t overdo it.

Walking is good for dogs. But when it gets too much, it’ll do more harm than good. So, do all things in moderation. Make sure to walk your dog enough, but not too much. Find and maintain the balance. 

Why Should You Walk Your Dog Daily?

Dogs require attention and quality maintenance level. Walking your dog within the scope of what works for it is important. Here are reasons why you should go the extra mile to develop good walking habits for your dog.


Ample exercises help dogs stay healthy and happy. The walk is an easy exercise to do, which you’ll also participate in. Walks become very important when your house doesn’t have much space (like a backyard or courtyard for them to play in). Walking is an excellent moderate physical activity to keep you and your dog in good shape. 

Avoid Bad Behaviors

When dogs are bored, they pick up destructive behaviors. Walking helps dogs remain entertained. If you notice unwanted behaviors in your dog, it’s most likely because they are trying to dispel pent-up energy. Take them for a walk. 


If you stay home with your dog most time, taking a walk is a great way for him to socialize. You should expose your pup to other dogs and people from a young age. If not, he will be lacking in confidence and social skills.

Other reasons to walk your dog are: 

  • Help him learn about the environment
  • Keep your dog’s mind active
  • You can train him on walks
  • Strengthen your bond

But is it OK to skip a dog walk?

Frequently Asked Questions About Walking Your Dog

Dog Walk

How often should I walk my dog? 

There’s no rule of thumb regarding how often you should walk your dog. Study your dog to know its energy level and needs. It’s best to consult with a vet. 

Is a 20-minute walk enough for your dog?

What happens if I don’t take my dog on walks? 

If you don’t take your dog on walks, expect some downturn in its health. They can also exhibit bad behavior. If you keep this up, your dog’s life span may be affected.

Learn more about what could happen if you don’t walk your dog!

Will my dog be OK without a walk?

If you don’t walk your dog at all, he won’t be OK. At the same time, you might not have to walk every day. So, it’s up to you to find the perfect walking routine for you and your pet. 

Last Thoughts About Not Walking Your Dog!

Now that you know not walking your dog is a form of abuse, please do the right thing. Daily walks are good for both of you, so why not make the most of them?

Let’s Walk That Dog!