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E-Collars For Schutzhund | Here’s What You Must Know!

Although the use of electronic and electric collars is a controversial subject, many Schutzhund handlers use this training tool. So you might wonder whether you need one or not. And if it’s the case, how can an e-collar help you train your dog for Schutzhund. Let’s get into it.

Do You Need An E-Collar For Schutzhund Training?

E-collars are not necessary to train your dog for Schutzhund. However, it can be an effective training tool for obedience and canine sports. That’s why most handlers use an e-collar to prepare their dog for IGP trials. So depending on the training techniques and preferences, you might need an e-collar for Schutzhund.

Schutzhund Dog Collar

But if you’re against the use of this tool and think it’s a cruel practice, you don’t have to follow the lead. Some handlers and clubs prefer more natural and positive training methods. Just know that you can use an e-collar effectively to train your dog without causing him pain.

Why Trainers Use E-Collars In Schutzhund?

The principal use of e-collars in the sport of Schutzhund is to communicate with and train dogs off-leash. It’s helpful to work on distance commands and recalls. An e-collar is also another way to correct when and if necessary during Schutzhund training. So it can help you produce a reliable and confident working dog.

Using corrections is common practice in this canine sport. E-collars will remove the physical and emotional aspects of it. So it can help sensitive dogs, and it’s more convenient for the handler. They are also much more consistent and precise than any other punishment.

Since you can control an e-collar with a remote, it’s well-suited for training your dog at a distance. Thus, it’s an excellent device for working on off-leash obedience commands and recalls. E-collars can also be used for protection work, such as learning to “Out” and blind search.

But as with any other training tool, you have to use it properly. Otherwise, you might end up doing more harm than good to your dog and Schutzhund success. So if you plan to use an e-collar, you should first learn how to do it the right way.

How To Use An E-Collar For Schutzhund Training?

Every dog is different, and there are several e-collar training methods. So you should consult a professional trainer before considering this device for Schutzhund. However, it’s essential to understand how e-collars work to use them properly.

As you probably already know, an e-collar is a collar that can deliver stimulus to your dog with a remote control when he wears it. I won’t spend too much time explaining the theory behind that training tool, but here are the basics.

E-collars are remote communication devices. So you can use them to get your dog’s attention, teach him new skills, or punish him. In Schutzhund, an e-collar can be an effective training tool for situations where your dog is far from you or in a high drive.

German Shepherds Schutzhund Training

However, your dog needs to understand what you expect from him when receiving stimulation for the collar. In general, handlers use this device for corrections. So, in this case, you have to make your dog know that a stimulation means he has done something wrong.

For example, you can use this correction when he doesn’t respond to a command he knows. Make your dog understand that the stimulation stops when he does the desired action. That way, you will be able to work together and use this communication device effectively.

There are many great articles on electronic and electric collars. This one I found on the Dobbsdogs blog should give you an excellent idea of how to use them correctly for this dog sport. 

But even with all the information out there, you should still work with a professional trainer. If you’re part of a Schutzhund club, your training director and other experienced handlers should be able to help you out too.

Best E-Collars For Schutzhund!

Now that you know how and why you should use an e-collar to train your Schutzhund dog, it’s time to find the best one. There are many options on the market with different stimulation types and features. Some models of e-collars suppress drive while others increase it.

Therefore, you need to choose an e-collar appropriate for your dog and personal needs or preferences. Although we’re all looking for a Schutzhund training tool, each dog is unique, and our situations aren’t the same. So make sure to find the right one for you.

However, some types of e-collar are more appropriate for Schutzhund than others. Many handlers use and recommend the same models again and again. So here are some of the best and most popular e-collars for Schutzhund training.

Dogtra 1900s

Version With Hands-Free Remote Controller

  • Waterproof
  • ¾-Mile Range
  • 127 Stimulation Levels

In the Schutzhund community, most handlers agree that this is the best e-collar. So if you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality training device, the Dogtra 1900s is an excellent choice. It’s a performant, durable, and versatile tool to train your dog for Schutzhund.

Many clubs and experienced trainers use and recommend this e-collar. I’ve heard only good things about it. Dogtra is also a reputable and trustworthy company. Thus, you can’t go wrong with their popular 1900s e-collar model.

Garmin / Tri-Tronics Sport PRO

  • Water-resistant
  • ¾-Mile Range
  • 10 Stimulation Levels

Another great option you should consider is this e-collar made by Tri-Tronics, a subsidiary of Garmin. Some handlers prefer this company because of the experience, quality control, and ease of use. Thus, you might consider the Garmin / Tri-Tronics Sport PRO e-collar.

It has fewer stimulation levels, which gives you less control for training and corrections. However, it’s enough and has many other convenient features. So it can be an excellent e-collar for Schutzhund.

Which E-Collar Should You Choose?

Overall, both of them can be great e-collars for Schutzhund training. In general, I would recommend the Dogtra 1900s to most handlers. But depending on your needs, preferences, and dog’s conditions, the Garmin Sport PRO might be more appropriate for you.

Last Thoughts About Schutzhund & E-Collars!

Finally, an e-collar can be an effective training tool for Schutzhund. As long as you use it properly, it can help you develop and improve your dog’s obedience and protection skills. So why not use this device to make training sessions as easy and efficient as possible for everyone?

Schutzhund Dog Beginner

If you’re interested in buying an e-collar, please consider the Dogtra 1900s. It’s the best and most popular option for Schutzhund. Now it’s time to invest in this helpful training tool and start using it in the field.

Have Fun Training Your Dog With The E-Collar!

E-collars are only one part of the equipment you will need to train your dog for Schutzhund. There are many other items you should consider before getting started, such as leashes, other types of collars, tracking gear, harnesses, and more. So here’s everything you need to know about the Schutzhund equipment!